Inspiration for Kynlee’s New Room

So I was on Craigslist the other day, as I frequently am…just making sure I’m not missing out a great deal…and there it was.  The stinkin cutest bedding for Kynlee’s big girl bed.  Most of you probably don’t know but we purchased a big bed for her last fall, another deal too great to not pass up.  The only problem is that she sleeps amazing in her crib (which really isn’t a problem) but I had to control myself to not put it up only for the sake of being too excited to keep a new piece of furniture in the storage room.  So there it has sat for the last 6 month..and will continue until we find out there is a little bun in the oven…and no, not yet! Or til we get into the new house and I can set up both crib and bed in one room:)

So, back to my craigslist buy.  I found this pottery barn twin set for $75!!  Now I don’t know if you know what a great deal that is…but I got the quilt and sham, duvet and euro sham, and sheet set:)  Needless to say, this girl was a little excited!  I also loved it cause it didn’t seem too over the top girly, and it had birds in it..need I say more??  So, without any further anticipation…here it is…

Love the pop of pink in the sheets to bring in a little feminine feel:)

The close-up

The nice thing about having the bedding is that I can decorate around it.  So I started doing a little thinking and came up with somewhat of a vision…and keep in mind this all might change in another month when we actually start ripping and tearing.

We visited the house and got a couple shots–hold your breath–and here is Kynlee’s room.  Drumroll please…..

I warned you about the shag right??

She’s a beaut isn’t she:)  Well if you can look past the dark paneling, gorgeous drapes, and shag carpet…try to picture something like this..

A little better pic, complementary of Pottery Barn:)  But..don’t forget about that cute bird quilt on the end of the bed:)

White painted floors that will look something like this..but not as wide.  We do know there is wood under that beautiful shag, just not sure what kind of shape it’s in.  You all know I am a firm believer that paint can fix just about anything so I have high hopes for these floors as well!

And since I don’t love the thought of my kids having to sit on cold floors, a rug something like this..

Now I know that this is super girly, but I think it will balance out the bedding and the cold floors.  Add a little warmth in there:)  And it just screams kynlee’s name!!

So that’s all I got for now.  I would love some sort of wood treatment on the walls, or paint the existing paneling white if we don’t tear it down to replace plaster…I know, aren’t you jealous!  but like I said…I’m sure that will all change once we actually get there.  The rest you’ll just have to check back on and see the real deal!

Also please say a little prayer for us, my hubby tends to be a little stressed looking at the workload, dealing with banks (so much fun!) and trying to line up the sale of our house and the purchase of another.  So, we would really appreciate a little peace of mind prayer that we are doing the right thing:)

Happy Monday everyone!


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