I was asked by Carusele to participate in the #Spoonflower campaign, sponsored by Spoonflower.  Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own. 

Kynlee just turned 12 this year, and shes feeling like she turned 18:)  So when she asked me if she could please update her room and get rid of the baby pink, I knew it was time.  It’s amazing how quickly time flies and how fast our babies grow up!  Kynlees big must haves in her new room redo were a desk and no more pink:)  I knew I wanted to add a fun pop that still allowed her room to be playful, but sophisticated playful, and Spoonflower Wallpaper was just the thing.  We looked on Spoonflowers website together and wow, with thousands and thousands of different designs, all from individual artists that bring their amazing talent to each piece, we had a hard time narrowing it down.  We ended up falling in love with these two designs.  

I love this large pattern of this wallpaper that’s called seeded slate by Holli Zollinger.  It’s a nice big large scale that it makes a statement without being too busy!  Kynlee loved it too and this was our winner for the focal wall!  

This second print is super playful and brings in a little bit more color.  Kynlee loved this one and we came up with a fun idea to incorporate it into the room as well!  This print is called Bees & Lemons by fernlesliestudio.  Time to start wallpapering!  Spoonflower offers all the options for wallaper, non-pasted, pre-pasted, and peel and stick wallpaper.  Although I’ve done the pre-pasted wallpaper before, it’s for sure harder and doesn’t have as much “give” so we ended up going with the peel and stick wallpaper which was so easy to maneuver.  These are the only items we needed to wallpaper.  

The wallpaper comes with the little white tool that you use to get bubbles out.  Then we used a level to get our first line nice and straight so that the rest matched up nicely.  The straight edge and the sharp knife are to cut the excess wallpaper off at the end and get a nice clean line, but that’s it!  No expensive tools needed!  

I couldn’t believe the weight and feel of this peel and stick wallpaper when we opened it.  It felt like traditional wallpaper with a beautiful texture to it.  The design and print were also stunning, so much more beautiful in person.  You can tell by looking at the picture above that the wallpaper isn’t centered on the sheet.  It’s made to have a 3/4″ overlap so the design lines up perfectly.  At first I thought you’d notice where it overlapped as it would be thicker and you would see a line, but after hanging the first piece you realized you can’t even tell and that it actually helps to be a little more forgiving with lining it up!  

You can choose to start on the right side or the left side, it doesn’t matter, as long as you work your way across.  We chose the right side, and we actually went past the corner about 2 inches since no walls are perfectly plumb in this house.  We made a level line on the wall with the level and then put the first piece up.  Once it was up we no longer needed the level and just went of the piece before.  

Can we just talk about how amazing this wallpaper is?  I love how well it goes with the revere pewter trim I just painted the windows and base board.  But wait til you see the full reveal.  So here’s the before picture.  

Also, I still love the before and it’s little girl cuteness:) But Kynlee is so happy with the after and it’s grown up feel! 

Isn’t it pretty?? And now it’s so much more functional for Kynlee.  She’s already been crafting all day long at her desk:) 

I would definitely recommend having two people to hang it, it makes it a lot easier to line it up and go around the windows.  But it only took my mom and I two hours to put it up ! 

And remember the Bees & Lemons wallpaper print we wanted to incorporate too?  Well we sprayed Kynlees pink craft caddy white and wrapped it around the shelves to make a custom piece! 

Even though they are two totally different patterns I love how they play off each other!  Now it’s time for Kynlee to fill it up and get crafting!  


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