Well, this has been a long time coming, and I must tell you, I give props to all you bloggers out there who seem to get blogs off every other day, or every week.  I’ve been meaning to post this for over a week now, but life gets in the way, so thanks for being so patient:)

I’m going to go back to the beginning with this room and how it looked when we first moved in….


awww….look how tiny Tate is…

and now..


This bedroom is quite small and only has one window, so I wanted to keep it bright.

Here’s how the room looked when Tate was using it..


and now…


My friend had given me a daybed they were no longer using, and asked if I would want to use it for Whimsy.  I orignally thought I would just paint it and sell it, but once Beckett came around, I knew I would be moving Kynlee to this room. A daybed was the perfect choice for this room since it saved so much room!


There was even enough room for a  cute little desk area for Kynlee.


and she actually uses it quite a bit!


It’s quite crazy how this room came together, I had this little table out in the shed for years….it was black and so I just painted it white and color blocked the legs and added a stencil to the top.  Free for nothing.


The chair came from an auction I went to last summer.  I had no idea at the time what colors I would be using in Kynlee’s room, and wouldn’t ya know it, it matched just perfectly!


Oh, and I got about 25 of these cuties for $20.  Quite the steal!  The rest will be going in Whimsy this summer;)


The curtains for the canopy were a $15 buy from Ikea.  I used one panel for each side and hung them on an embroidery hoop I had.  I added the pom pom trim after I hung them using a sticky tape from Walmart.  Amazing stuff!   The light I had gotten from a lady whose husband takes junk away, and calls me every once and awhile to see if theres anything I want.  I love the anthro feel to it.  And Kynlee loves that it’s on a dimmer…


So she can turn it on and off from in bed, and put it nice and low for nightime.


The aztec pillows are what started the whole vision for the room.  You need that, one thing that speaks to you and work around it;)  It was actually a rug I found at my friends house that they were getting rid of…..she said, “what are you going to do with that??”  I wasn’t sure at the time, I just knew I loved the pattern.  Wouldn’t you know….


and those pom pom pillows???

I swoon.

I found those at Home Goods and they literally said, “put me in your cart!”  Ha, so I obliged!

They were $30 a pop, but I had $30 left on a gift card from Christmas so it was buy one get one free:)  And they are euro size.  And feather.  Sold.

I made the little yarn pom poms from a roll of yarn I got from Walmart for $2.47.  They were quite fun to make actually.  The kids even got involved!


I love that it brings a pop of color.

I also added the wood wall behind the daybed.  I would have loved to go all the way up, it’s kind of hard to tell in the pictures but that wall is actually slanted, hence the reason I only went half the way up.

The wood was a real stretch for me. IT’S NOT WHITE!!   clapping begins :)

and I love it!  It warms up all the white in the room and balances it with the other pops of natural in the room!

Here’s a shot of the other side of the room when it was tates.


and now….


The dresser I had in our last Whimsy sale and it didn’t sell.  Praise the Lord! Some things are meant to be:)  I had bought it at an auction for $50 and gave it a face lift.  I added the blue hardware after the fact, but again I had gotten that as a clearanced out buy from Target almost a year ago!  I can not tell you all how this room literally just came together for almost nothing!

My biggest splurge was the rug.  It  is an indoor/outdoor rug from Target and it was originally $99, but was 15% off so $85, and then of course the redcard 5% so it was right around $80.  I love the bold design and bright color.


I thought I was going to have drapes in here as well, but I love the clean line look of the bamboo.


and homegoods strikes again with that sweet metal basket for $12.99.  We use it as Kynlees clothes hamper.  I might put a liner in it someday, but I love the color of it!

Again, here’s a pic of when we first bought it..


then when it was Tates room..


and now Kynlees…


I’m hoping to find a couple of baskets to hang under that clock, I just haven’t stumbled upon them yet.  Also, I actually painted this sign right on the wall, and I must give credit where credit is due…I found this sign on House of Belonging and fell in love.

I knew I wanted it to be bright and a big size, so I decided to free hand it and paint it on the wall.  I added a $5 pine border stained in special walnut by Minwax and had a big piece of artwork for $5:)  I do think House of Belongings signs are amazing though and worth EVERY PENNY.   So you should check out her Etsy site and see if there’s anything you need;)


So there you have it.  Kynlees room is complete.


and after I sell a lot of her pink room decor from her old room at whimsy, I think I’ll even come away on top for this project.

The hubs always likes that:)

Here’s a breakdown of what I spent…

Daybed — Free

Euro pom pom pillows — $30 ( one I had a gift card for)

Rug pillows  — $12 for the inserts

fur pillow — former purchase from Whimsy

duvet — shower curtain I sewed into a duvet from Target $14

Sheets — Target $14

Canopy — $25 for curtains and pom pom trim

Wood wall — $50

Sharpie art — $5

Bamboo shade — $13 (clearanced out at Menards)

dresser — $50

Rug — Target $80

Custom wall art (K and sign) — $10

flower chandelier (PB) — Clearanced out for $35

Wicker color blocked basket — Home goods $15

Metal basket — Home goods $12

Table and Chair — Free from shed

Paint — $30

I think that about does it, so the total for this project came right in at about $395, but again, after selling Kynlees bed with trundle and all of her accessories from her last room, it should at least be a wash!  Hurray!!


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15 thoughts on “KYNLEES ROOM REVEAL”

  1. I stumbled upon your blog today and all I can say is WOW!!! I could have stayed so much longer looking at everything, I was inspired and touched by your words. Look forward to picking up where I left off today….. Thanks again!!

  2. Ali, your daughter’s room turned out adorable. Her canopy covered daybed is so cute. The light and pom pom trims are so fun. She must feel like she is sleeping in a tent at night. What fun for a little one. Such a score on those wonderful Home Goods pillows. Ugh, between Home Goods and Target, those are stores that I can always go into and drop some cash! Good for them bad for me? :) I love House of Belongings signs. Your interpretation turned out lovely. You have such good vision, for just running from a discarded rug inspiration. Beautiful job done, Ali!

  3. I LOVE the pattern on the wall and the hand painted sign. I really like the original trim around the door too but see that you changed it. It’s a lovely room.

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