Landscaping Makeover

First of all I must say forgive me that my posts have not been as frequent lately.  My mind has been going crazy with closing dates, projects, finding abstracts, figuring out how to pack, and the list goes on.  So, with that said I am just warning you that I might not be quite as “on top” of things as my platter seems to overflow!  But, I am so excited to share our DIY adventures with you in the new house and show you updates, so please stick with me:)

Okay, now onto the landscaping.  When we bought this house it was a birds egg blue color and did not have the big trim around the windows.  The only pic I have from it is from one of the appraisals, so please don’t mind the bad quality of the picture.

Okay, don’t try to blink your eyes too much, it’s not going to get any clearer:)  But, it gives you an idea.  When I was 8 months pregnant with Kynlee I decided I wanted to paint the house.  The siding needed it as well, otherwise it would begin to rot, so my hubby actually went along with the idea.  So we chose a color that was called shark skin, that was a really dark gray.  Not elephant gray, but more of a warm gray.  But it was dark!  Needless to say we should have bought a sample first instead of a 5 gallon tub:)  It went on much lighter, but it still looked okay!  Here’s the house painted…

Oh, and here’s how preggers I was…

You know that nesting business…it’s for real:)

So that’s all that got done that summer, but once the spring came I was itching to get my hands in the dirt.  And thanks to an amazing mom who is the plant whisperer, I had a lot of help.  We did all the work by ourselves.  (If you haven’t noticed you save a lot of money that way) and was able to burn off all that baby weight by shoveling rock and digging up dirt:)  So here’s what the beaut looks like today!

If you notice you’ll even see that my ever faithful little lilac tree decided to revive herself!!  Yay:)

Ryan and his buddy found us some big old rocks to put in random places to add character, and then we mixed up the rock with some mulch areas where perennials are easier to care for.

(Don’t mind the grass, my husband loves to “plow” our yard in the winter and killed it all off! Whoops!) My mom split a lot of her perennials so I got away with landscaping for cheap.  My favorites are the grasses!  They get so tall and look great all the way through fall.   I believe when all was said and done we spent about $500 to landscape.  That included the river rock, edging, and shrubs.  I’m pretty sure if you paid someone to do it we would have paid 4 times that! Yikes!

Our last project was going to be putting shakes in the peak. I always thought a dark gray shake would look great…but a country house came up instead:)  Even though it is going to be a whole different style than this house, I am looking forward to creating some secret gardens over there as well!!


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1 thought on “Landscaping Makeover”

  1. Girl you are something special for taking on that huge project 8 months pregnant! Inspirational for sure! I cant wait to see the amazing things you do to the new house :) you have a gift Allie and I love seeing what it comes up with!

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