Makeover Madness–Tate’s Room

Saturdays are seeming to work a little better for me to get a blog off…especially when the hubby takes the kiddos out fishing for an afternoon.  Sometimes there is just nothing better than sitting in my own quiet, clean, house and doing nothing…or blogging:)  So, I thought I’d show you what Tate’s room is up to these days:)  It’s not finished but has come a long way from what it was.  Here is the before…


Aww…cute Tater-Bug.  Aww…cute wallpaper…wait???

His room did have the awesome big trim that I love…and I did try to save it, but it just wasn’t happening.  Too much damage and cracks to keep her, sad days…


I know…it’s white…and a lot of it.  Call me crazy but I love it!!  I love white walls, always have.  It’s so fun cause it’s almost like an artist studio and no matter what you put on it it pops!  I did work good in Tate’s room since so much of his “stuff” was bright.  But if you also notice I have yet to hang one thing on his walls…well I guess I did hang one thing…

This is it so far.  And I did not stage it for the picture so that’s how it usually looks.  Books backwards, upside down, falling out…but it’s practical, and that I love!  I also have been changing the book out seasonally and have Christmas in there right now. It works nice since it only holds a handful to put special books in there and the rest are hidden in Kynlee’s closet.

There’s a better shot, not much room for this little kiddo, but he’s a boy right?? They don’t need quite the room us girls need;)  Also if you look close I have a paddle on top of the headboard that I want to hang above the bed and a light sitting on his nightstand that I want to hang, in all my free time:)

Did I mention how fun things pop on white walls…oh that’s right:)

and his dresser I transformed ended up here…if you didn’t read the post about this dresser it is here.  I know some of you thought I was crazy but doesn’t it seem to fit the room now?  And p.s…I’m in love with the white floors!!  I’m going to do a separate post on those later! Also, the wall art?? I made that for about $12.  My mom cut down an old piece of plywood type siding and I found the abc flashcards at Jo-Anns.  I simply painted the wood and decoupaged the cards on.  Cheap cheap wall art!!

Here’s a closer look at the cutie:)

and one last shot.

So, what did we do??  Well we actually knocked out the teeny tiny little closet that was in here (where the dresser is now) to open up this teeny tiny little room a bit more:)  Luckily Kynlee has a nice walk-in closet that we house Tate’s church clothes in, other than that…he’s a boy!  We also tore up the carpeting and re-did the floors.  We knocked down the interior walls of plaster and put up sheetrock, as well as the ceiling, and sheetrocked right over the plaster on the outside walls.  The reason we did that was 1.) It saved us time, and 2.)  the previous owners had insulation blown in when they resided and if we would have tore the walls down we would have lost the insulation…not good.  We also redid all the electrical since there was only a pull cord in this room and one outlet.  I think that about covers it, yep…we touched every square inch:)

What do I still hope to do?? Well I really wanted the walls in this room to look something like this someday…


Or this…