Makeover Madness….The Sitting Room

I laughed as I wrote the title…I mean who has a sitting room??  Maybe back in the 1900’s they did, but I didn’t quite know what else to call it.  You’ll understand when you see the pictures.  So, today’s makeover is part of the living room/dining room/fireplace room….hence the title….sitting room:)  I’ll show you some before pics of the space we revamped:)

Here’s the before…keep your eyes on those 2 windows, that will help you with see what we did.  We did not change the location of those windows:)


Remember we blew out that wall in the before picture and moved it about 10 feet back to make the dining room.   We also knew that we for surely wanted/needed a fireplace in this house as well.  You make roll your eyes at me when I say needed…but it’s kinda true:)  I love that when that happens!!  Our only source of heat is the in-floor heat and radiator heat.  All of which is electric.  Therefore we needed a back-up in case our electricity ever went out, or our house couldn’t keep up.  And actually, Ry has our our electric on off peak, which means that they can shut it off on us for up to 2-4 hours at a time…and in the winter it can get a bit chilly.  Therefore the gas fireplace is a great option.  We even have it on a thermostat, so if the heat were to go off at night, it would automatically kick on if it got too cold.  I’m pretty sure Ryan did that though for my sake, in case I forgot it on it would run back on the program in 4 hours.  Kinda convenient!

Here’s the view from the kitchen.  We originally were going to move it down the wall and put it in the living room, but there were a couple of reasons we/I opted against that:)  1.)  I have always wanted a mantel.  I did not want a mantel to hang a television on, I wanted a mantel to decorate and make beautiful!  Therefore if the fireplace had been in our living room it would have had a big ole tv sitting on it.  2.)  I love it being central.  You can see it when you walk in the door, I can see it while I’m cooking.  I like that it’s  central!  And it works better to heat as well!

Do these chairs look familiar??  I really want to buy two nice matching chairs for here, that don’t happen to be white.  It’s amazing how often I have to wash these slipcovers when they are near the kitchen and dining:)  But thankfully  they do wash up nice.  We also need a big rug to snuggle up by in front of the fireplace.  Someday.

So here’s the fireplace now.  If you notice we do not actually have a real mantel  yet.  I amazingly had this shelf that is doing a pretty good job of being a mantel until my vision can be fulfilled:)  Way back in October I found my love in my Better Homes and Gardens.  Here she is..

Hi pretty lady:)  Ryan actually did run wire so that I can have two sconces on the wall as well.  Just have to make a trip to Lowes to pick some up…and get some money:)  But that will help warm it up a bit.  And I am in love with the planked wall above the mantel.  And the big Crown…well really the whole thing.  Who knows if it will ever come to fruition, but it’s a good vision:)

So here’s one last before….

and after…

Happy Tuesday:)


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4 thoughts on “Makeover Madness….The Sitting Room”

  1. So cute Allie!!! So funny that you wrote about washing the slips frequently because my first thought was those whities would never stay white in this house. Some day I will have lighter colored furniture ;)

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