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  1. Love it! What did you use for the countertops and backsplash? Everyone keeps telling me I muse choose a wall color to contrast the shrkey grey cabinets, but I love the way yours turned out and that’s the feel I’m looking for. Thank you!

    1. Thanks sue,
      We actually haven’t done a backsplash yet, but hopefully that’s in the near future. I’m going to be doing a classic subway tile backsplash with gray grout. Our countertops are corian, we got them at menards. I painted the walls gull from the martha line and like the subtle contrast:)

      1. Great job Allie. Post more pics when you’re done. I’m working on selecting the countertop now. The Sharkey Grey cabinets will be installled Thursday. Whenever I hold white subway tile next to the sharkey grey it seems bland, but maybe it’s just the hues of the white tiles I have found so far. Thanks again. I hope my kitchen will look as good as yours!

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