Our master bedroom was a part of the addition we added on to our house 6 years ago now.  We are so grateful for the extra space and to be able to have a master suite separate from the kids area.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about our floors, and I fell in love with them when I saw Layla from Lettered Cottage put them in her new addition.  They are laminate floors from Lowes called Style Selections Antique Hickory and were only $1.49/ft but sadly they’ve been discontinued.

We have two sliding barn doors in our bedroom, this one for our walk in closet and one for our bathroom. We got the tracks for under $50 on eBay, and they slide and work amazing! I totally recommend them! We had every intention of making a barn door for here, but since it was one of our last projects, and we were a bit burnt out by the end, we walked past this door sat Menards pre made and said, heck with it… Let’s buy something for once in our live instead of make it!

The other sliding door was originally a swing door.  We hung it and everything until we realized it would really bug us to always have the door closing in on the toilet.  Ryan graciously moved some wiring, filled in the holes on the swing door, and trimmed out the door frame.  It is so much more convenient to have a slider than a swing door:)

I made these stump tables out of an old tree that fell in the woods by us.  Ryan cut them to size, and I sanded them and then added 6 coats of polycrilic on them t seal them.  Also, the rug is called the NuLoom shag rug.  Ours is an 8×10.

Our upholstered bed is from Article and is a low profile bed which works good with our slanted ceilings.  The couch in here was a score from Pottery Barn Teen when we first built, but sadly its discontinued as well.

The bedding is a duvet cover from Target, as is the throw, and the quilt came from Brooklinen.

I’m kinda in love with this room in the summer.  I wake up feeling like I’m in a giant tree fort.  I’m looking forward to the fall as well:)  Also, ry and I love a fan overhead to sleep with on.  A chandelier would be fun, but the function won.

Ry’s antlers made a big move from above the bed, to above the fireplace:)  We used the faux brick paneling that comes painted white from Menards to cover the drywall and bring in another texture.  I love the clean lines to it, yet it brings just enough dimension to not be too modern;)

and I’m quite certain the window bench speaks for itself.  I love how big it is.  And on top of that, the whole top swings up for storage underneath.  We keep our luggage and off season clothes in there.

I used the 1/4″ plywood cut into 6″ strips for all of the shiplap and vertical shiplap in this space.  It is such a great cost effective way to add character.  Another one of my favorite DIY’s in here is spray painting these windows black. We bought them white, and about a year ago now I decided to spray paint them.  You can find my tutorial HERE.  They have held up great and I’d do it again in an instant!  I love how they pop now.

We love having this new addition!