Well it’s about time.   The pics of our master bedroom are finally together and I thought I’d source everything for you:)

So we have a bit of a hallway walking into our bedroom…


We hung two pendant lights in the hallway from Target, and I just checked, and right now they are on clearance for $35! I’ve also gotten a lot of questions about our floors, and I fell in love with them when I saw Layla from Lettered Cottage put them in her new addition, and also Jess Wasserman put them throughout her house.  They are laminate floors from Lowes called Style Selections Antique Hickory and are only $1.49/ft!!  We have been so impressed with them.  They seem to hide everything, and feel really nice underfoot.  They are a bit slippery to start out with, which you can imagine was only a plus for our kiddos.  It was a free for all sock skating rink for awhile, but luckily that has seemed to wear off;)


We have two sliding barn doors in our bedroom, this one for our walk in closet and one for our bathroom.  We got the tracks for under $50 on ebay, and they slide and work amazing! I totally recommend them!  We had every intention of making a barn door for here, but since it was one of our last projects, and we were a bit burnt out by the end, we walked past this door at Menards pre made and said, heck with it…let’s buy something for once in our life instead of make it!:)


The other sliding door was originally a swing door.  We hung it and everything until we realized it would really bug us to always have the door closing in on the toilet.  Ryan graciously moved some wiring, filled in the holes on the swing door, and trimmed out the door frame.  It is so much more convenient to have a slider than a swing door:)

20517710_10213704910393911_765236957_o These fun little tables came from Target.  They are called storage accent tables and are only $35 a pop! The lid comes off for storage (if you want) but they are also super heavy duty!  Beckett and ruby have been known to use them as a stool every once in awhile;) Also, the rug is called the NuLoom shag rug.  Ours is an 8×10.


I’m still not 100% on the headboard/lighting situation in here.  But at the moment it’s free..and free is good;)  I made the headboard out of pallet wood and nailed it right to the wall.  And the hanging lights came from Target on clearance.  I originally used them in the barn but pulled them in here once we started decorating.  The couch in here was my christmas/anniversary/birthday present from Ry:)  I found it clearanced out half price on Pottery Barn Teen and loved the masculine feel it had.  And it’s actually super comfy.  Kids have been known to find it in the middle of the night quite frequently.  But hey, no kids in my bed is still worth it’s weight in gold for me:)


The bedding is a duvet cover from H&M home, and the throw is from ikea.


I made the stumps and the pom pom pillows are from Home Goods.  I stole them from Kynlees room when she switched:)


I’m kinda in love with this room in the summer.  I wake up feeling like I’m in a giant tree fort.  I’m looking forward to the fall as well:)  Also, ry and I love a fan overhead to sleep with on.  A chandelier would be fun, but the function won.  I loved the look of this modern fan and found it on zoro for $100 with 20% off!  Double score!  I couldn’t find it on their website anymore, but did find it here.


Ry’s antlers made a big move from above the bed, to above the fireplace:)  We used the faux brick paneling that comes painted white from Menards to cover the drywall and bring in another texture.  I love the clean lines to it, yet it brings just enough dimension to not be too modern;)


Although I know so many people believe in NOT having a tv in our bedroom, after 5 kids ry said we needed one..haha.  Not really….but we honestly barely ever turn it on.  I enjoy it though when Ry is away and I can snuggle in upstairs.  And truth be told we use it mainly for the kiddos to snuggle and watch cartoons:)  I also utilized the storage under the tv for our dirty laundry.  I found these baskets from Homegoods that fit just perfectly for darks and lights!


and I’m quite certain the window bench speaks for itself.  I love how big it is.  And on top of that, the whole top swings up for storage underneath.  We keep our luggage and off season clothes in there.


I used metal house numbers off of amazon to bring in a little fun to the panels on the front of the window bench.  That and it helped anchor the black lights above as well:)  Also, before I forget, we sprayed the whole room in Benjamin Moore’s Simply White.  I always get it color matched since actual Benjamin Moore paint is quite spendy.  My favorite paint these days is the new Pittsburgh platinum line that came out at Menards.  It covers like a dream!


So there you have it.  Finally a completed space, and one that we love to relax in!


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  1. Brittany Zinter

    What a retreat Allie! Just beautiful!!! Aaron and I went the route of building our own(still in process) for the playroom, we have the same slider as you! However don’t have handles yet! Could you share where you got them for me? They are so cute!

  2. Beautiful! I love all the white with the punches of dark thrown in. It looks light and refreshing, yet cozy. Love the tree stump nightstands you made.

    I can identify with “let’s buy something for once in our life instead of make it!” Decorating can become overwhelming, especially when I feel like I have to make everything from scratch to either save money or because I can’t find what I’m looking for. It’s nice when we can just buy something and put it up. :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, we sprayed simply white by benjamin moore. We get it color matched at menards in their grand distinctions platinum brand and it covers great!

  3. Margaret Pokornowski

    Once again, your eye to details is amazing. I sure enjoy looking at what you do in your home. You are gifted.

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