My Family

The love of my life– My husband Ryan is an HVAC tech who works hard to take care of us and keep me at home. He works odds and ends jobs as well to bring in a little extra cash since our resources are limited:) Did I ever mention how wonderful it is to have a handy husband?? Well…it’s wonderful! And he’s not bad looking either:) We’ve been married for almost 6 crazy wonderful years, some better than others:) We are still working on that, but excited to continue on the adventure together!

Tate–my sweet little snuggling, outdoor loving, monkey climbing boy who melts his momma’s heart.  He is 4 now, although the picture isn’t updated…and I was in love the minute I met him.  He is such a great big brother and wonderful boy to call my son!  He’s pretty handsome too if I do say so myself:)

Kynlee–what a honey!!  I’m not gonna lie and say I wasn’t extremely excited to welcome a little girl into the world, even if she does look more like her daddy than me!  She is 3 now and completely goofy, struts her stuff, and has the best eye expressions!  She also melts our hearts and loves playing with her big brother.  They are quite the pair!

Does it get much cuter than that!  And it’s not fake either, they really do love each other!!

And that’s us, not perfect but enough love to make the world go round:)  Cheesy, I know!

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  1. allie, you and your family are BEAUTIFUL! i’m excited to hear of your adventures. gary and i document some of our own. i love looking back at the things we’ve done and accomplished during the time i documented.

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