My Favorite Flower…Bathroom Updates, and Weekend Fun!

Well, as you can tell this is going to be a smorgisboard of a blog.  I have been trying to be more diligent about blogging more frequently, but time seems to get away from me.  Whimsy is soon approaching again (our next sale is June 27th and 29th, you can find more here) and much of my time is spent crafting, cleaning, mothering, and digging in the dirt now that it’s nice:)  So I’m gonna fit a few things in this blog!

First of, if you live in the midwest, many of us may have the same favorite spring flower….



Oh my goodness…I wish this blog had smell, because it’s amazing how I added a few bouquets of these to the house and you could smell them everywhere!


Plus the fact that they are beautiful!


The only downside is that they only last for a few weeks:(

But, there is one more fun thing to show you…


You see that cute little guy in the background?? Above the toilet??

I have seen simliar ones at Pottery Barn and other stores for a pretty penny.  This one I ended up finding at a home store called Gordmans.  I love that store.  I had a coupon and ended up getting it for $30, which I thought was a steal!


It was the perfect size.  I’m still playing around with what goes in it, but I’m excited to have a piece that I can accesorize for the seasons:)


I had the little jars and filled them with some bath salts…


added some shimmer, and some practical pieces…


and she’s good to go:)

Moving on, we had a great weekend.

I pretended to be country (shhh) as we went to a country music festival with some good friends…

photo (12)

Ryan’s a country boy so he sang me all of the songs:)  Romantic.  We saw Miranda Lampert and Dierks Bentley. They put on a good show!

The kids had a crazy cousin party put on by Ryan’s mom and aunt.  It’s AMAZING every year.  The kids had a blast!

Every year is a different theme and this year was Duck Dynasty and Daisies.

The boys got to dress in camo…


Uncle Si even showed up…


There was no fun to be had..


and the girls got to be princesses…


pretty cute if I say so myself:)


Thanks Grandma and Aunt Marlis for a lot of fun memories!!


I mean, “Miss Kay” :)


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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Flower…Bathroom Updates, and Weekend Fun!”

  1. What an adorable cousins party!!! So so cute!!! Beautiful bathroom shelving unit. The lilacs are so wonderful…they just don’t last long enough!!!

  2. I love your new shelving unit it’s gorgeous and lilacs are my absolute favorite flower, ours are all done now :( but when they were blooming I had the house filled with them too, best scent ever aren’t they?

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