I have been working with a friend over the last 2 years…I know, that sounds crazy when I type it, but yes…2 years, on a total cabin reno project.  The reasons it has taken so long have been many.  1.)  We had Jules within that time.  2.)  It was a COMPLETE gut/remodel job. 3.)  We did a lot of the work ourselves, and 4.)  It is their cabin, and they are busy as well, so it was easy to not always make first priority.  I must say though, it has been one of the most fun projects I have done because….

1.)  The surroundings are beautiful!  (It’s on one of the most desirable lakes in MN)

2.)  I love the couple, it always pays to work with friends:)

3.)  I have never in my life been able to just go shop for whatever I wanted for the look in a short period of time and see it come together so fast.  I know….to me 2 years is fast:)  I love the DIY-ing and the hunt and the thrill of a good deal, but this was a little dreamy to just pull it all together and not have to worry about everything being a steal all of the time.

So, enough yapping, lets get to the eye candy.  I took a few before pics on my iphone but they aren’t the best.  You will definitely get an idea of what she started out looking like and an appreciation for how far she came.

photo (49)

Of course the hubby of this cabin thought there was nothing wrong with all the pine tongue and groove, and quite honestly it would be a dream cabin for my hubs as well.  But you know how wood and I get along.  Can you tell this is going to be a fun project?!?

Here’s the after….

cottage living room

Sorry boys, the wood had to go.  They had all the walls and ceilings sprayed, which gives an amazing finish, and we used Benjamin Moore’s Simply White in satin.  They also redid the flooring (which looks a bit familiar:) and added big chunky beams to break up the a-frame architecture and make it feel more cottage-y than cabin-y.

IMG_4358 - Copy

The furniture came from Pottery barn, and we scored a lot of the pillows from Home Goods and Pottery Barn.


This project was fun because I did get to still DIY quite a few of the things…like these paddles on the wall…


We found them at Home Goods as well and they actually had writing on.  I flipped them around, added rope, and painted the stripes to match the rest of the living room.


The shelf on the right was also a DIY .

This was another before of the kitchen before we got our hands on it.

photo (45)

And here’s the after….


The fridge is in the same spot to help you figure out the remodel.  They went with a complete new kitchen, with marble counters and farmhouse sink.  Yours truly was able to DIY the marble subway tile backsplash with my mad tile cutting skills;)


But I am so in love with this kitchen!

Another before…

photo (46)

and after….


I mean, look at that island!


And open shelving!

IMG_4358 - Copy

And it flows so nice into the living room.


From here we go upstairs where there used to be carpet..


and now there are cute little numbers to help you count your way:)  Trust me, we heard it from the guys on this one!

At the top of the stairs is an open loft where we needed to create a unisex bedroom since they have two girls and a boy.


The bedding came from Pottery Barn, except for the monogrammed Euro pillows I made to separate the beds.


And then they have a cute kids bathroom up here as well..


The vanity is a Martha Stewart one from Home Depot.



We had  a challenge trying to figure out a mirror for above it since there is a window in the way.  We ended up finding a hanging mirror at Home Goods and the guys figured out a way to make it stay.  I think it’s perfect!


And aren’t the chandeliers fun!  We have a matching one downstairs as well.  They worked so well with the high ceilings.  The trunks came from World Market, we just stenciled the numbers on cause they needed a little extra “something.”

And if you ask me, the kids have the best view in the place…


Out those windows all you see is lake and trees.  Gorgeous!

ps. this was the loft before.  Have I won over any other wood lovers yet?!?

photo (47)

On the main level is the master bedroom where we added board and batten.

board and batten

The bedding again is pottery barn, except for another little Whimsy love…

xo pillow

And how much do we love that little apothecary nightstand from Target???

IMG_4338 - Copy

Down the hallway is the cutest bathroom..

IMG_4340 - Copy

We planked the ceilings in the bathroom, hallway, and laundry room.  I’m still jealous!

IMG_4343 - Copy

These are the DIY $7 shelves I made and had fun staging them…

bathroom shelves

We used all artificial greens at the cabin since they aren’t here all the time.  But I love the pop of green it adds, with no maintenance.

IMG_4344 - Copy

And at the end of the hallways is a laundry room to die for.

IMG_4346 - Copy

At a cabin mind you:)

IMG_4351 - Copy

it was starting to get dark so these pics aren’t the best, but isn’t she cute??

IMG_4350 - Copy

I stenciled the drinks bin so they can pull that out when they have company and fill it with ice.  They also have a clean and dirty basket up top and a super cute sink.

Lastly and quite honestly maybe the best room in the house is the screened in porch overlooking the lake.


The ceilings were painted a light blue and the walls were all sprayed white as well.


We got the table and upholstered chairs from World market, the others are fun flea market finds…


I darkened this pic just so you can see how the lake is right.there.  Swooning.


And this is where you’d curl up and have your coffee in the morning, listening to the loons.


I think I could handle it:)


We added curtains all the way around and tied them with rope since they blew in the wind quite a bit if we left them.  This gives privacy and also some shelter if it does rain hard.


But I love how this is a whole extended living room…


I hope you enjoyed looking at this pics as much as I had fun creating them!  Thanks so much Kelly Jo and Joel for letting me be a part of this amazing project.  Cheers to getting to enjoy the lake…..finally!!:)

P.s. for those of you following along on my pregnancy journey, there was no new “news” at my appt.  And so we wait!  t-minus 2 1/2 weeks!!!


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  1. Superbe. J adore vraiment beaucoup.

    Pouvez vous me donner la références de votre gris mis sur les murs ? ( Il est vraiment superbe )


  2. I love you cabin. You are a wonderful decorator. Can you tell me what color the children’s bathroom walls are? Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much:) It’s actually a friends cabin I designed for them:) And the walls in the kids bathroom are called Gull, by Martha Stewart. Sadly I don’t think home depot carries her paint line anymore so Im not sure if you’ll be able to find it or not….

  3. Hi Allie!
    What beautiful and inspiring ideas you give through your creativity!!
    You have made it so we can each ‘see’ ourselves in this home.
    Thank you!

  4. Beautiful cabin, looks so peaceful! You mentioned that you added curtains on the porch to provide some shelter in heavy rain — are they waterproof or resistent? If so, do you remember where you purchased them? Thanks!

    1. They are not waterproof, we actually just went with the same IKEA curtains. We originally ordered the weatherproof PB ones, but for the price and what we saw when we got them, we weren’t impressed. With the Ikea ones we figured we could replace them every couple of years and still be ahead of the game for a long time for the awesome price they were:)

  5. Hi-beautiful work! I love it. I’ve been looking for a laundry sink like that…do you know where it was purchased? Thanks!

  6. You did a beautiful job! Do you happen to know the paint color used in the master bedroom and downstairs hallway leading to the laundry room? Stunning house.

  7. Hello–just wondering where you got the black curtain rods and hardware you used on the windows in the living room? I need to find some that accommodate bulky window trim.

  8. You are amazingly talented!! I LOVE everything you did!! Do you mind telling me where the curtains in the living room are from?

      1. Thank you!! Any chance you remember the name of them? I looked on IKEA’s website and they have SO many curtains.

  9. Oh my goodness I need to pin every single image! I’m in awe of what you created!

    Can you please share where you found the gooseneck light fixture in the hallway bathroom? I’ve been scouring the internet for one just like it!

  10. What a lovely cabin. You do great work. We don’t really have cabins like that over here in Australia. Will check out the rest of your blog, you use such lovely colours. And I love the DIY.

    Could you share the approx dimensions of the kitchen/living room? I think it would be the perfect size for our extension.

  11. What a dream cabin! You did such a beautiful job. What a lucky family to have you turn their getaway into such a jewel. I love the blue paint on the porch ceiling. Do you mind sharing what paint color you used? I’m torturing myself to find the perfect blue for our porch ceiling. Thank you! :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. And I’m not exactly sure the color..the painter had it from a previous project and used that:) Sorry I can’t help more, best of luck!:)

  12. Jennifer Douthit

    Great job!

    Do you mind telling me more about the $7 shelves in the master bath?
    Where did you get the brackets….and did you use pre fab shelves or stain cut lumber? Thanks!

    1. The brackets are from Menards in the shelving section:) And the wood is just pine that that I stained. I used two pieces of wood to give it a planked look and just screwed them into the brackets:) I stained them with Dark Walnut by minwax.

  13. This cabin is stunning! You are so talented. Can you tell me where the round mirror in the small bathroom came from?

    Thank you.

  14. I’m seeing this a few years later, so I apologize if you’ve already answered this. What type of flooring did you use in this project? I love the different tones in it! Thank you for sharing all the details – It’s stunning!

    1. The owners actually ordered through a lumberyard, but we have the same flooring in our house and I ordered it from It was called a french bleed laminate flooring:) Hope you have luck!

  15. Well this is a few years old now, but holy mackeral – just wow. That is the best cottage EVER – you all did such an amazing job, I am just dumb-founded.

    I want to win the lottery.
    And I would hire YOU to come help. You are amazingly talented!

    1. Aww you made me blush! haha…I wanna win the lottery too and wish that was my cottage I got to decorate:) It was a great project to do though. Thanks so much for your sweet comment:)

  16. These photos are all amazing! I agree with all the commenters! Could you please tell me where are the chandeliers came from?

  17. Love everything you did! I would love to know where the coffee table was purchased in the room “where you want to curl up and have coffee”. Love the industrial look! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the sweet comments, it was purchased from World Market, but I don’t think it’s is available any longer. They do have a similar one on Overstock though:)

  18. The entire cabin looks great! It looks fab! Could you please tell me where you found the number 3 artwork. Love it!!

  19. Genevieve Conroy

    Just came across your photos and love the redo! In the bathroom with the great $7 shelves, do you recall where you sourced the vanity? I LOVE it! All the best!

  20. This is amazing!!!! Do you happen to know how many square feet the house is? I have been looking for a house plan to build a similar looking structure and this beyond perfect!

  21. Hi, Allie,
    You did a really amazing job, God really give you a talent!
    Btw, would you be so kind and share the info @ the material (fabric name, where did you buy it, etc) for the Euro pillows for the kids room that you did and maybe like a tutorial?


    1. So sweet Nora, the fabric was actually denim looking curtains from IKEA that were given to me, I don’t think they still have them available though:( And then I just put on small pom pom trim and cut out letters out of blue ticking stripe and sewed around the edges. I didn’t mind if they frayed a bit:) Hope that helps a bit??

  22. I am new to your blog. Checking out all of your decorating talent and goodness. This is beautiful. This couple is living my retirement dream. I am currently looking at small properties and hoping to find a little “getaway place”. You did a beautiful job. It is definitely worthy of being featured in a Cottage magazine layout. Allie you are not only adorable but so talented. Love it. Thanks for the share.

  23. Wow! You once again nailed it!:) Simply beautiful!! What a gift you have and what a beautiful place you designed for such fun family memories!! Could you tell me where you purchased the butcher block and what color it is? Exactly what I am looking for. Congrats on your beautiful boy too!!

    1. Thanks so much tara. They actually ordered the butcher block from the cabinet company they went through and had it matched to the floors, so
      I’m not sure….sorry I can’t help more!!

  24. Allie~
    I’ve recently found your blog and I simply LOVE well as your precious heart! :-)

    I love the diy shelves you put up in the bathroom (behind the toliet) for $7.00. Can you share details??

    Blessings to you and your precious family.
    Maple Grove, MN

  25. Please when you get a free moment {new momma & all}, but I would love to know the color in the master bath.


    1. I can’t remember, and actually I don’t even think we have the name of it…her painter had the color from another cabin. I’ll see if I can find out though:) Thanks tiffers!

  26. HI Allie! I just found your gorgeous blog and I am hooked! How fresh and fun! LOVE this cabin! It is my dream to someday own a small cottage by a lake… and I would love one just like this! Beautiful! Now off to explore the rest of your wonderful blog!

  27. Kelly Schmidgall

    Stunning!!!!! So in love with the work you did!! You are one super talented mom!! I am with Gina…do you help decorate??

  28. Wow, so beautiful, peaceful, and fun! Want a cabin now on the lake! Miss Minnesota and the beauty. Allison your very talented. Best wishes with your new little one.

  29. Great Job! I love how this turned out. Beautiful! Could you tell me where the kids’ bed frames and the flooring can be purchased from? Thanks so much for your help in advance.

  30. Seriously, this is just the best! I love everything so much! You did such a great job! I know what you were up against – same thing around here – we can’t paint it because it’s “good wood”. I might need tips (or marriage counseling) on how to overcome that one. Anyway, it looks absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  31. I can’t believe that’s a CABIN! It’s SO beautiful! In all seriousness though, can random people (like myself:) hire you to decorate their homes?

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