A couple of months ago I got an email from the sweet lady who owned this house before us.  In it she sent a picture of a postcard she had that had a picture of our house on it from…wait for it…the year 1909.  A whopping 105 years ago.  It was amazing to see that our house has been a home for people for so long, and fun to think about the changes this house has seen.  It’s actually quite amazing how similiar the house still looked.


Addy told me that this is how the house looked when they moved in (minus the long grass..which I’m kinda in love with!)…and in 1965 they added on the East addition…our master bedroom and office, and in 1970 they took off that darling front porch and added the west side, our current living room.  Although I love that porch, I’m grateful for the extra room:)  All the windows stayed in the same spot, and the barn is in the same location as well.  I braved the -30 degree weather here in MN to grab a picture from the same angle so you can see…


It seemed so much more romantic 105 years ago.  *sigh*


and here’s a picture straight on.  The new door needs some painting and 2 Christmas trees need to get pulled to the burn pile:)

The other side of the postcard was written in Swedish by the owners….I know there are some Swedish speaking people in the area and I think it’d be fun if anyone could translate!  It’s got me a tiche curious to know what it says!


I have stared at this picture for quite some time, just imagining what life was like for the people standing on the front porch.  I can only imagine how much harder they had to work than we do now, at keeping a warm home, cooking and cleaning.  The clothes are fascinating to me and I can’t believe that they have a photograph from 105 years ago.  I so wish I could ask them a few questions:)

Thank you Addy for this treasure.  It gives me a whole new appreciation for this home and makes me proud to know that we gave it some love so that hopefully someone else can look back on my pictures and think…..wow…that’s what 100 years ago looks like.


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7 thoughts on “OUR FARMHOUSE–105 YEARS AGO”

  1. I know that sweet lady as Grandma Addy. She told me about your blog awhile ago and I’ve been reading it every since. I love seeing what you’ve done to the house; you’ve done such an amazing job on updating everything! I think my favorite, thus far, is your son’s room. I spent lots of nights there staring at the weird angles and the crazy wallpaper. My husband and I recently bought his parent’s house and have been slowing updating it. It’s amazing what a little TLC can do for a place, whether it’s 100 or just 30 years old. :) Take care!!

  2. I’m with you – that front porch was amazing. I love the lines of the roof on it. How cool to have that picture – a nice piece of history.

  3. How cool is that?? A picture is worth a thousand words (and more)!! That photo deserves a spot on the wall (in my opinion, anyways) I am a *sucker* for house/family history!! :)

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