I  went on Instagram this morning talking a little bit more about our home school curriculum.  I thought I would share a blog post that links all of our resources in one place so you can easily find them:)

I thought I’d start with our favorite book to teach kids to read, Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons….

I have used it with both Tate and Kynlee and it seriously works!  Teaching my kids to read was one of the most stressful parts of homeschooling littles, and this book helped SOO MUCH!!!

Along with our reading curriculum, we started using Explode the Code since Kindergarten  There are 8 books total and the kids are just finishing up the last two books now.

For our spelling curriculum we tried something new this year and went with A Reason For Spelling.  It was has been a great fit for our family and so I think we will continue to use it.

It’s important to note that you need both the workbook and the teachers manual for this curriculum.  We are also using A Reason for Handwriting for our cursive for the year.

For History, I have been reading this book to my kids.  We read a chapter every day or two.  I got this reference from Ann Voskamp and we have really enjoyed it.  It is an overview of the history of our world from the very beginning.  It is a great conversation starter and also can lead into many different independent studies and topics:)

We have been using Math Mammoth since 1st grade and love it.

And lastly, this is our typing program the kids just started this year…

Please feel free to message with any questions and I’ll update this page when we add new curriculum!


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  1. Hi! Ok so we have been thinking of homeschooling for over 2 years now and I’m just afraid. I’m afraid I cannot be a good enough teacher, I see the books you use but is there a state testing you need to do? I’ve only ever heard of Seton homeschool but I’m very overwhelmed when I go to the website. What exact program did you use?

    1. Ahh, so much to answer and you can find so many blog dedicated soley to homeschooling, or you can go to mache.com and get a ton of answers:) You have to start standardized testing when they are 8 I believe. And we just started doing Classical Conversations two years ago now and love it!

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