I’m not sure if you remember, but when we redid our kitchen we got all free cabinets.  HUGE BLESSING!  And we made almost all of them work.  The only thing we needed to add was a tall cabinet to use as a pantry.  We looked at the big box stores and all of their tall cabinets they had in stock looked mostly like this…..

Sorry for the small pic but you get the idea.  Sure we could have painted it to match and added some trim….but it just wasn’t quite doing it for me.  Maybe that’s why we lived for a year with an unfinished end and huge empty space….


and the sad part was that after a year of looking at it, I barely noticed it anymore!!

What I did notice was a major lack of cabinet space.  I dreaded going grocery shopping because I knew not everything would fit in my cabinets.  I ended up keeping a large basket on the other side of the fridge for my items that didn’t fit.

So, we finally bit the bullet and called our good buddy Jeff who works wonders with cabinets.  He came out, got dimensions and ideas and came back a month later with this beauty….


I can’t tell you how amazing it was to just hire a project out for once.  A novelty for us.  Usually if Ryan or I don’t do it, we don’t get it done…so to just be able to see it installed was amazing!  Giddy school girl over here:)

I did paint it and put on the hardware, which we still need to do on the top cabinets.

so here’s before…


and after…


It fits the space perfectly.



and after…


I’m thinking it would be kinda fun to add some wire type baskets to this side for fruit, mail, and extras:)



and after…


I loved the little detail on the bottom..


It makes it look more like a piece of furniture.  I also like that this is hiding under there…


Which I probably should paint at some point….but it stops the crumbs and dust frame hiding under there and I can reach everything without taking the hose of my vacuum out.  I also love that Jeff put the slow close hinges on so even when the kids shut the door hard, it slowly closes and no slamming heard.

So there she is. I waited a year for her, but it was well worth the wait.  That’s the fun thing about not being able to do everything all at once because of budgets:)  They make you appreciate every little piece all them more!!



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12 thoughts on “Pantry!!!”

  1. Allie, I LOVE everyhting about your house !!!!! I need a pantry & i sure will have my husband to look @ yours !!! LOVE IT GIRL :) Hope all is doing well.

    Susan Howard,
    South Carolina

      1. We did install our flooring. It’s a laminate flooring from I’m not sure if they still offer this color, but it’s a french bleed floor, so if you google that I’m sure you’ll find something close:)

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