Perfect in His Eyes

When I first started this journey, one of my really raw feelings was Lord, am I going to be able to love this little girl even if she looks “different?”  Can I look past the deformities?  And I would pray, please just let me see her as beautiful.

Well, the Lord must have just been chuckling.  He knows a momma can’t think any other way.  The minute I met Juliet I was in love with her.  She is precious in my eyes and perfect in every way.   She may not be perfect the way the world sees it, but she is perfectly made the way God created her…and I can see that.

Ryan’s cousin posted a picture of sweet Juliet after she was born and had this caption on it…which I thought was so fitting..thanks Steve!

The doctors call her condition “Chromosome 18 Trisomy” and they have little hope. God calls her condition “Created in His Image” and He has used this little life to impact many lives already.

We know that Juliet was created for a different purpose.  She wasn’t made to stay with us forever, which selfishly is so beyond hard.  But when we look at what she has already done for the kingdom, how many lives she has touched, and her precious spirit, we know exactly why God created her.  To draw people to Him and glorify Himself through her.  What an awesome role to play.  And I’m pretty sure she’s going to have a few extra sparkly jewels in her crown when she gets to heaven and she’s going to hear a very loud and clear, Well done little Jules baby, you served me well!

And now I have even more reason to live for heaven…to see my sweet baby girl.

Ryan and I were looking at Jules the other night and Ryan said, “She’s so cool, I love everything about her! ”  Here’s the special things we love about our little girl.

Her huge feet! Daddy noticed right away that she has her mommies feet:)  They are so long and the 2nd toe is longer than her big toe, just like mommies:)  Daddy calls her kanga.

They are precious, club feet and all:)

Her curled up fingers…she still loves to hold our hands, and her blankie..

her tiny little ear…

and most importantly, her kissable lips!!

Yep–she’s perfect:)  And a fighter…she keeps eating more and more and is getting a little more vocal as well.  We are going to go in to try to see the doctor tomorrow and see how her weight is, we’ll keep you posted:)

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

Psalm 139:13


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18 thoughts on “Perfect in His Eyes”

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with your family & faith. It shows us that God’s definition of beauty is broader than ours, and your story has expanded our understanding of God and His purposes!

  2. We have never met. Brenda (Mrs. Kent) told me about Jules the day she was to be born. I have been blessed by all that you have shared in words and pictures. Jules knows she is loved beyond word and she is in my heart and in my prayers. God has been glorified by your testimonies.
    May the peace of God, which passes all understanding, keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

  3. Congratulations! She is stunning. Breathtaking. A masterpiece. I hope your days are slow, you are able to breathe in deeply every sweet moment with her. I pray you get to kiss those perfect lips a million and more times. I pray you breath in deeply her precious scent and are able delight in her sun up to sun set. My daughter’s lips look almost just like Juliet’s. Another mom once told me, “Most moms only get two lips to kiss. You get three!” What a fair warrior your little one is!

  4. I heard about your story through a lady at my church in Coon Rapids whose niece is one of the nurses at your hospital. She thought we might like to get in contact with each other as I also had a precious baby girl with Tri 18 earlier this year. My Avery was born March 23rd and was only expected to live for a couple of days but she stayed with us for 38 days. She went home to Heaven on May 1st. I haven’t finished reading all of your blog entries yet but so far I am just struck by the similarities in our experiences with our babies. I completely understand the simultaneous joy and pain of holding your beloved and much wanted baby girl in your arms, falling in love with her more and more each day, all the while knowing that she could leave at any time. My heart goes out to you, I am praying for you, and I would love to hear from you. God Bless.

  5. I think about you and your family constantly, thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are truely insipirational. Jules is beyond beautiful, she is absolutely precious. All my love…

  6. Riana Klaustermeier

    God bless you! What a BEAUTIFUL baby you have! She is so blessed to have been placed in your arms by the Lord. The love that radiates through your blog is so heart warming! Every mother should love their child as much as you love this little girl. Thank you so much for sharing your life in this way. I work with your friend Anna at NDMA, and I know your little girl has certainly touched her heart. I pray for you and your family often and hope you will continue to find your comfort in the Lord! God bless, Riana

  7. Jules is just perfect, what a beautiful baby girl. Praying for this precious time you have to spend with her, and for God’s grace and peace for you.

  8. Juliet is so BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for sharing her with us!! My little girl, Marie, was born stillborn on September 22. At one point, she was thought to have Trisomy 18. We later found out that she had Triploidy and not Trisomy 18. I have met so many wonderful people through our journey.. so glad to be connected to you through this blog! We will be praying for you as you enjoy every minute with your little love!

  9. Ashley Schoenack

    She is so beautiful I can’t help but smile when I see her! What an amazing little blessing she is!!! Thank you for sharing your little sweetheart with all of us!

  10. Allie and Ryan
    I cry with you tonight, I was in the room next door to you giving birth just a few hours before you to Juliet’s sister in Christ, Emilia. I cry with joy for the beautiful little miracle that God gave you and also in grief knowing the inevitable that is next for you, I am SO SORRY you have to go through this, but glad for the time that you have been given and also for your faith that will surely sustain you.
    I wanted you to know that i prayed for you Jules and family on the day of your birth and continue to pray for you! We have mutual friends in the DC area and it is no coincidence that this website was shared with me. I had wanted to come over and pray with you but you went home so quickly i didn’t get a chance to. Just know that we have been praying for you and will continue in the days ahead. I feel privileged that our daughter shares a birthday with another sweet little girl!
    In Christ
    Nichol Roskamp

  11. Love to you. I usually cry when I read your posts – love your honesty and the beautiful way you frame things – even the hard things. God has sent you an angel. SO many things to realize about his love because of your beautiful new daughter. Thanks for being willing to post your life….it means a lot to so many and it seems to draw us so close to the Lord. Love, Wendy

  12. She is so beautiful Allie! I did not know anything until I saw Theresa’s posting…she is a child of god and a beautiful angel! I am praying for your whole family through this journey I love you my sister and god bless Juliet and all of you! As my tears fall of happiness of how far she has come and how strong you are…love your sister in Christ…Anna Johanneck!

  13. Your beautiful daughter Juliet Faith is a remarkable young lady. She has the perfect family to care for her while she is here on earth – God saw to that. Your faith and strength is so inspiring – what else would you expect from God. God bless you through the tears and the smiles, through the hopes and the joys, and forevermore. Thank you for sharing your precious Jules and yourselves. Your story has changed the look of this world to a more heavenly place. Thanks. I needed that.

  14. I have a sister with Trisomy 13, and she is now 35 years old. When she was born my parents were told by doctors she wouldn’t make it either. Obviously, I don’t know the real specifics on Juliet, and I’m no doctor, but modern medicine has come a long way. My sister, Sheila, also had a cleft pallete, so my mom had a difficult time making sure she was getting enough food as an infant and toddler. All I’m really saying is God never gives you more than He thinks you can handle, so little Juliet could be with you a lot longer than you might think.

  15. Every day I check your blog for updates, and every day I am praising God for the wonderful miracle that he trusted you to receive. He truly couldn’thave picked anyone better for Jules’ parents. I haven’t figured out who is luckier…her your you and Ryan. I continue to lift you and your family in prayers.

    God’s Blessings

  16. Marilyn Peterson

    Thank you so much for letting us be part of little Juliet’s life. She is so precious and beautiful! It is so generous of you to share these pictures and your words to inspire and remind us that our lives and the lives of our children are not our own. She is precious in God’s sight….and in ours.

  17. margaret Grieser

    God knew exactly who Jules needed for her Mommy and Daddy, no one could love her more. You are such a special couple….xxxxoooo Enjoy each minute!!!1

  18. She is so perfect and such a little miracle. Just would love to snuggle her. Hugs to everyone.
    Gail Nelson and family

  19. Your precious Juliet is so perfectly and wonderfully made. I smile every time I see photos of your sweet baby girl and think how she has touched so many lives by just being her….beautifully created in God’s image. She is such a gift to you and to so many, like me, who don’t even know you well but see your faith and love for God and your daughter. As much as Juliet is a gift to you, YOU are such a gift to her as well. Juliet knows what it means to be loved and loved and loved. When that day comes when Jesus decides to deliver Juliet from your loving arms into his, I hope that you feel peace knowing that you made the most of every moment with her. Thank you for sharing your story, your pictures, your faith and most preciously, your Juliet.

  20. We are each called to honor and glorify God with our lives. Sweet little Juliet Faith Lundeen will affect more people for God’s kingdom in her short life than most of us will with the multiple decades we are given. She is all about “quality” vs. “quantity”. :) Most of us have probably heard the phrase “it’s not the days in your life that count, but the life in your days”. Jules seems to have made that a reality for so many who have been blessed to know her personally. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Juliet face to face, but I do know her family. And God knew exactly what He was doing when he called her to be a “Lundeen”. Not a moment of her precious life will be wasted.

    Could you put a little smooch on those sweet lips from me? xoxoxo Sending my love to you all!

  21. I have always told people ” don’t worry, all babies are beautiful, and yours will be too.” When I see Jules I know undoubtably that it is true. God created them in His image, whats not to love?

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