This fall we got our family pictures taken for the first time since Jules has been gone.  It’s always a little bittersweet.  I had to force myself to change my profile pictures and family picture.  She will always be a part of us, but time goes on and our family is changing.  Our pictures reflect that now.  It does make my heart smile though when I come over to my kids playing with Beckett and Kynlee tells me, I was just telling him about his sister.  She will never be forgotten;)


I can’t even begin to explain what amazing siblings these two olders have been….


Kynlee can make her brother laugh like no other.

and this boy…


Oh his heart is full of tenderness and overflowing with sweetness.  He is actually the more “motherly” of  the two :)


and it makes my heart smile.  I can already see the very special relationship these brothers will have.  Beckett will learn a lot from his big brother, and I do believe his big brother is going to be excited to teach him:)

and my girl…


when did she grow up???


We already have the most fun girls nights.  It’s crazy when your kiddos become little humans whose company you thoroughly enjoy.

slow down time.

slow down.

And I’m quite sure there is nothing more attractive than this.


Now that is one fine looking bunch of boys!!

My heart is full.
Overflowing actually.

and these two??


It appears they have the perfect marriage.

The perfect life.

When I first got our pictures back the first thing I did was send this picture to Ry and said, now that looks like a couple that never fights.


Those two.

Now those two have it ALL together.

Picture perfect.

But that’s just a picture.  A snapshot in time.

And a lot of times that’s what we see in people, a small glimpse into their lives, and that’s what we focus on.

compare with.

wreck ourselves over.

We see someones family or house and feel defeated.  We will never get there.  We’ll never measure up.  We are failures.

But you see those two up there??  They’ve got issues.  He’s just as stubborn as she is.

They are both selfish.

They’ve been in counseling.  They have mentors.  They need help.


A picture only tells one side of a story.

A glimpse in time.

I will tell you one thing that couple has though.  They have the desire to continually TRY to make it better.  To know that marriage is HARD but OH SO WORTH IT!!

They have the fight in them to work on themselves and go to God for help.

That couple there, they aren’t giving up.


And we don’t want any of you to either!! Because although there are times when it can seem hopeless…Jesus brings hope.

He can take ugly and make it beautiful.

Ry and I have been doing a study with a sweet couple that have taken us under their wing, and it’s been oh so good.  It’s only 4 short lessons that are 30 minutes each.  Anyone can do it.  You can find the study here.


Because that couple up there, they are going to grow old together..


 and each year…


Their marriage is going to get better and better…


Even if there are bumps along the way.




for at least another 10 seconds:)

Photo credits to Sarah Pollio Photography.  She’s amazing:)


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15 thoughts on “PICTURE PERFECT”

  1. I read recently of a family who had lost one of their children at a young age, and a year later had another child born to them. After the baby was born, they had a family picture taken with one of them holding a framed photo of the child who had passed away. Maybe in the future you would like to try that idea…a picture of the kids and/or family together, holding a framed photo of Jules. I thought it was a beautiful thing.

  2. Needed to read this post today. Sort of feels like God is using you and this post to answer the questions I’ve had for so long.

  3. Beautiful, made my eyes watery..I have been through divorce even though sometimes I feel I could have fought harder and longer I know it takes two to want the same thing. Now God has sent me a wonderful man who not only loves God with all his heart and soul, he also loves me and we will be married 10/17/15, oh he also loves my 4 children who now call him dad. Thank you for telling it like it is..God bless you and your beautiful family.

  4. This one made me laugh. We’re all in this one together. I love you guys, and I love that God has given me friends that help me live life with honesty, and love and lots of laughing at ourselves. xoxoxo

  5. Love this post, Allie! It’s so true what a glimpse at others life can do to a person; what jealousy it can bring on so quick and make one feel so lacking. It seems often that turns to people spreading gossip instead of realizing no one is perfect and what u see, is only a glimpse/one side of the story! Also, for those that are doing really well in life/relationship or whatever it is, we all need to remember to be happy for them, continue to encourage them and realize they have worked hard for whatever good situation they r in and have been blessed because of it. This is a great reminder:)

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