If you follow me on instagram you saw this photo the other day….

photo 1 (18) a torn apart living room with walls getting planked.  I picked up these boards the other day at Menards when it was 11% off.  They are called Luann there, and are that reddish color on both sides.  I think they run about $10-$11 for a 4×8 foot sheet.  Ryan helped me cut it down to 6″ planks the other day, so I was ready to start hanging.  I’ve had a few people ask me for a tutorial, and I have posted another post here that explains it a lot more in detail.  It’s actually super easy, and if you don’t have access to a finish nailer and air compressor (my two favorite tools besides my chop saw) you can always be old fashioned and use a hammer and nails too!

After I had the planks up, it was time to fill nail holes.  I left my nail holes in the office cause I liked the rough unfinished look, but I wanted this planking to match the rest of the living area, so I finished it off nice.

photo 3 (13)


I just use white wood filler and my finger.  Your finger gets a bit sore after awhile, but it actually goes quite fast!

photo 2 (19)


And after the holes were filled it was time to prime.  I have noticed that the redder wood does end up bleeding through a bit after a few years.  Not enough to completely bug, I still haven’t fixed the fireplace, but enough to make me use Zinsser primer first and hope that helps!

photo 5 (7)


And here’s the non-i phone afters…




I’m loving how the back entry now flows into the living room.  and if you hadn’t noticed, I moved my furniture around.  I never thought I could switch up this room since the antenna is wired behind the opposite wall, but we just attached a super long wire and shoved it under the baseboard and you would never know.  You may think I’m crazy to put the tv in front of the window, but trust me…there are reasons.  We don’t sit in the little white chairs all that often, the couch gets the most use.  And when you are sitting on this side of the room, the view is of our two huge pole sheds and our neighbors house at the end of the gravel road.  When you side on the opposite wall and look out you see rolling hills, maple trees, and beautiful scenery!  It also no longer shines sun on the tv, and it really opened the space up.  I thought I would hear it from the hubs, but surprisingly he said, I told you to do that a long time ago!  Wow..didn’t remember that one:)



And don’t worry, enough light still comes in.



I get so many questions about this wall art.  I actually just used some left over craft paper and a sharpie and created my own wall art.

IMG_5763 I always seem to have a photo bomber at some point;)



And that’s it for now.  I ran out of planking for the opposite wall that I need to finish, and have a few other projects I did in here as well, that I will hopefully show you soon….but until then, watch for a gender reveal!!! We go in tomorrow to get our ultrasound and find out what this little peanut is!!! I can’t WAIT:)


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  1. Donna Johnson

    Where did you get the slip covers for the chairs? I have been looking for these for a long time and it seems yours are the only ones who may fit my boxy club chairs.

  2. Hello Allie,
    Still I haven’t have the courage to start planking, for now I still just enjoy see the wonders that you keep doing in your beautiful home.
    Blessings and best wishes for you, your family and your next Bundle of Joy!

  3. I love your wall art – where did you get those beautiful variegated wood tone frames, I love the light dark wood colors. I love your home thank you for sharing such beautiful spaces.

  4. the frames for the ‘beautiful’ wall art where did you get them – I adore the variegated lighter and darker wood tones. I am in love with you home :) amazing.

  5. Hello Allie, your living room looks amazing!! You have terrific design ideas! =) Would you mind showing close-ups of how you finished your inside and outside corners? Or perhaps describe how you did it? I appears you put the corners on first….but not sure. Thanks so much! Blessings, Michelle

    1. Sorry Michelle, I forgot to share that. I like having it look like there is chunky corners instead of just the little corner edge you can buy at menards or home depot, so I ripped down the same plywood in 4″ strips and butted it together on the edges and in the corners. Im debating putting another piece on top, which I could have done from the beginning, to make it stand out a bit and cover up the seams, like I did on my fireplace:) Hope that helps?? Feel free to ask more questions!

  6. I didn’t know you have another bun in the oven! Must have missed that post. Your planked walls are beautiful. I follow many blogs,but your house is the one I could move into and not change anything.

  7. Allie, I absolutely love your house! Such an inspiration! Two questions for you (I am trying to convince my husband to do this as I type) do the sheets once ripped down look kind of like 1×6’s or can you tell they are plywood? My husband thinks they would look like that and not like 1×6’s. Also, how do you get the perfect spacing you have between the boards?

    1. I think it looks amazingly similiar to shiplap, but of course it’s not as deep. But it was realistic enough for my hubby to do it in the man cave, and he approved:) Maybe show him the mancave picture and it’ll win him over:) :) oh, and the cost…did you show him that?? :) Also, the trick for the spacing is to use a nickel in between as a guide! I started with that and then just eye balled it, but that is the perfect spacing:) Best of luck! xoxo

  8. It looks fantastic!!! I have been undecided about planking, but after seeing how it totally transformed your room – I am going for it – even my husband loved it. Thanks for sharing and congrats for the new little one!

  9. I absolutely LOVE your style. You’re one of the few home bloggers that I *have* to read your blog on my laptop – my phone just doesn’t do your beautiful photos justice! ;o) Quick question: I adore your white chairs, and would love to do something similar – here’s me hesitation (and you probably get asked this a lot.) How do you keep them clean? I have 4 boys, ages 12,10,4 and 2 and I’m scared to have white chairs – even though I love them. So – how do you keep them looking so great? Thanks in advance! :o)

    many blessings to you-

    1. Sweetest compliment ever! Thanks so much Sarah:) As for the chairs, if you look up close they are never perfectly clean. the arms get a little dirty, but honestly you don’t notice it unless you are right on top of them. I am not type a, so it doens’t bug me too bad. I do love that if my kids spill or get something on them I can take them off and wash or bleach them! and I bet I have only washed the whole slipcover 3 times a year. So it’s totally worth it for me:):) Hope that helps! Id’ say if you don’t get too worked up over a little spot here or there, you will LOVE them!:)

      1. Thanks for the insight, Allie!! I just scored two Ektorp sofas from a sweet friend and can’t wait to get them in my house!

  10. Your living room looks so fresh, beautiful. I envy the amount of light you get there. Congratulations on the wee one. Cheers, Ardith

  11. You’re pregnant!!!??? I did not know that!!! Congratulations! Wow. I’ll be up in MN in a couple weeks. Hope to see you guys!!! <3

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