Remember how my word for the year is “Prayer?”  And remember how I said I was praying for one of my girls that I so desperately love and want to see get married??  Well….an opportunity has presented itself.

Through a series of events that I completely think is a “God thing” a matchmaking opportunity came along.   So my friend contacted me one day about an opportunity she saw online of a blog that allows singles to “link up” and share information that has led to 9 marriages in the course of three years.  I got SO GIDDY!! cause I immediately thought, “Molls, let me write a blog for you!”  Which came the response. “NO.”  I felt so strongly about this opportunity for her that I couldn’t let the thought die.  After serious prayer on both ends, and a lot little convincing….she thought why not, lets give it a try.  So this is definitely a first for me (and her actually) and hopefully a last….at playing my hand at being a matchmaker.

Let me introduce you to my friend….Molly.


 Molly and I go way back to college days, where we attended Northwestern University, St. Paul.  After being friends and getting to live together for a few years, we’ve created a lifelong friendship and have a lot of stories, laughs, and respect for each other.  Molly has been there for me through thick and thin and has been a prayer warrior for me through the “Jules” ordeal and sent sweet notes with encouraging words that helped get me through.

So here’s some background on Molly….

1.)  She GORGEOUS! (she wasn’t going to let me write that one)

2.)  She just turned 30.

3.)  She loves Jesus.  Seriously, they have a relationship people.

4.)  She’s funny, loves to laugh, and always up for an adventure.

5.)  She has worked in marketing since college, and has had great experiences and always a good story.

6.)  She loves to travel and  to stay active, do yoga, and work out, counterbalanced with a love of Chipotle and frozen yogurt. (No wonder she’s my friend!:)

7.)  She’s also a girl, so of course she loves to shop, but she doesn’t mind watching sports, especially live.

8.)  She’s got an amazing family…you’d hit the jackpot with this one!

9.) Oh, and she’s the sweetest thing…seriously…did I mention that?!? (I’m getting a glare now:)


With that being said…I wanna find this girl a guy.


I think a good guy for Molly would be…

1.) Someone whose got some height to him:)  She’s 5’10” without heels so we need at least a 6 footer;)

2.)  Let’s keep the age between the late 20’s to late 30’s.

3.)  Someone who loves Jesus, like has a relationship ladies…not just says he loves Him.

4.)  Fun personality who would laugh with her.

5.)  Someone whose not afraid of adventure and having fun.

6.)  Above all, husband quality.

I’m passionate about this because Ryan and I got introduced through a third party, who I barely even knew.  But she had an “inkling,”  And that “inkling” ended up being a God thing.  So I’m just asking my readers (whom I love and respect) to help a girl out.  And if you read this post and someone “popped” into your mind, even if you think it’s crazy, why not just give them a shout out.  Even if you aren’t from the area.  We’re up for an adventure:) That’s right…I’m including myself in this one:)

Email if you think you have a candidate for my sweet Molly.  We’d love a picture and a little background information, and of course we’d love it if he was on board with the idea too:) She really is the sweetest girl ever you guys….I wouldn’t be writing this post if she wasn’t:)

Love you Molls!!

P.s.  If you can’t think of can join me and throw up a sweet prayer for this girl too.  Cause pretty sure that’s the ticket.  It’s all in God’s hands now:)






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15 thoughts on “PLAYING MATCHMAKER”

  1. I think you are such a great friend for doing this and also, that Molly is open to it!! I am also a tall, single women and I know how hard it can be to find a Godly man (that tall too) ha! I don’t have anyone I can set her up with, but I will keep her in my prayers!! Good Luck, Molly!!

  2. downthelanegirl

    I so understand your blog! And what a lovely friend you have! We have some dear, sweet Godly, dedicated young women in our church who are like daughters. They have a servant’s heart for serving God…but…unfortunately…there don’t seem to be any Godly young men in this area. Oh, yeah, guys see these pretty girls and suddenly they are “believers” and yes God is “important” in their lives, but it doesn’t pan out when their true hearts are revealed. Our church is praying and I believe if these girls are meant to be married and their future husband is across the globe, God will bring them together by whatever means (Blog, wink, wink) needed. I am happy to report God is raising up some young teenage boys in our church (thank you Jesus) who are going to make wonderful husbands someday. It just seems to be the late 20’s to mid 30’s guys who are lacking in character. I know it’s not all the guys….but sadly most. My prayers are with you young parents who have an awesome responsibility to raise up Godly children.

  3. Natalie mausZycki

    So I am 31 and live in the cities. I am
    Going to keep my eyes peeled. Seriously. I have an awesome 34 year year old cousin in Manhattan…
    But that’s far. Does catholic/ Lutheran matter??

    1. Natalie, you are so sweet! Molly isn’t afraid of distance and love NYC, so if you think it could be a good match let me know:) Thanks so much for keeping your eyes peeled!!

  4. How sweet for you to do this for your friend. I have been praying for my daughter’s future husband since she was a baby. I know probably sounds silly to most people but I felt like I should start praying for him then and through out the years. I didn’t want to wait until she was ready to meet someone. She is 22 now and is wanting a Godly man who has a relationship with the Lord too, I know it will happen in God’s perfect time.

  5. ALLIE!!!! MOLLSTER!! Oh my word…JUST this week I’ve been thinking and praying for Molly. I haven’t heard from her precious self in so long…and I just emailed and was praying for her this week!! Excited and praying with faith that HE can do big things!! Love that you’re doing this Allie! Miss you all!

    1. MARGE!!! I miss you!!! We were just talking about you and wondering when ever your going to come back to us?!? I so love your heart friend and you are an inspiration!! I love that Molly came to mind, another God confirmation! Wish I could squeeze you!’ Love you much!! Xoxo

  6. Can I be your next project???? ha ha

    Probably doesn’t work real well from across the country, but you never know! With God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!!!

  7. My husband and I met through a third party. Well kind of sort of. My brother married my husbands sister. Through the urging of my mother I introduced myself to him by writing him a few letters(he was in the Navy) before their wedding. It was love at first sight and I knew someday he was going to be my husband . 24 years later we are happily married. I’m so thankful my mother encouraged me to write to him.
    Molly would be a perfect match for my oldest son but he is to young. He is in his early twenties and is on the short side. He has such a good heart and has a strong relationship with Jesus. Someday I hope he finds a keeper like your friend Molly.
    Good luck!

  8. I can’t think of anyone personally, but, I just love the idea of this! I will definitely be with you in prayer for her! I am also a Northwestern University Alum! I had no idea you were from MN, even though I have been reading your blog for a while! :)

  9. My husband and I were introduced by one of my college friends. She went to high school with him. We would have never met (attending 2 different colleges) if it weren’t for her. Best wishes Molly! You are a dear friend to her Allison.

  10. Excited to see what God does and who he brings for Molly!, my husband and I met at a gas station became friend for eight months started dating, four days later got engaged three months later got married!! I love being married but looking back if someone said all that was going to happen in a year I would have been shocked but it is a amazing adventure! God is so creative!

  11. I love it! Martin and I got introduced by a third party…actually, it was Jesus acting through a third party :) Way to be brave Molly! Joshua 1:9

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