It’s official.  We locked up the doors.  Wow.  Harder than I thought, especially when you have a little boy asking to go home and he can’t.  It was a good lesson for me though on how much I do find comfort in material things and my surroundings.  I am being stretched and learning that home is where your family is and sometimes it’s okay to venture out of your comfort zone.  It’s just hard to watch it affect your kiddos and not be able to explain it to them:(  So, instead of moving into the camper right away…the kids and I ran for the hills!!  :)  This nomad business is a little weird so where do I go when I need some familiarity??  Home, to Wisconsin that is.  I still call it home even though I haven’t lived here for 10 years.   It’s so good to relax and have a couch to crash on.  Thanks mom and dad!!!  And so far only being gone one day my hubby has GONE TO TOWN on the house:)  :)  It’s so fun to see the progress, I make him send me picture texts so that I can share them with you too!!  So, here’s the little rundown of the demo of the kitchen and stairs…




No stairs, or cabinets!!  to Finally 4th….

Sorry, this one was a picture text so it’s little, but notice the two landings!!  The stairs are almost done….just the last leg down:)

And also while we were/are still gone he worked on the master.  The last I left it it looked like this…

We got the closets out and the ceiling, but since this is the only low ceiling in the house we decided to bump them up a bit.  I thought we decided we’d bump them up to 10 feet (even though I just thought we should go all the way up:)  But Ry surprised me and bumped them to 10 1/2 feet.  Thanks for the 6 inches baby:)

Again, mobile upload…but you get the idea!!  I’m so excited about the slanted ceilings, such a change from the box we came from:)

So, while I stroll down the river on the pontoon, Ryan is working his tail off.  I know, it doesn’t seem quite right, but the kids are happy.  I’ll get back there soon to make the important decisions:)  Speaking of which, here is a sneak peak of the flooring we are going to go with….super excited:) :)

They have less of a warm tone and more of a cooler gray tone in person…weird what the computer does!! But the fun texture and distress makes them look super comfy and cottagey…I think I just made that word up:)

That’s all I got for now, oh, and a new listing under the for sale tab, check it out!


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