Reupholstered Ottoman

So, I got this cute little ottoman from a good friend a while back….


I enjoyed the was easy to clean, gave a masculine feel, and served it’s purpose.  But, if you know me at all you know that most dark things usually end up going light at some point:)  The ottoman was no exception.

So first I just unscrewed the legs and then I pulled in the troops to help get the staples out….


Some mommas may be gasping now, but Tate was in his glory:)  And was such a good helper!


So, once we got all of them out, which took quite a while, I took my new fabric and made a pattern out of the old one.  I piped it around the edge, something I may have skipped had I known it would have been hard to lay perfectly around the perimeter.


I had the shell of the ottoman done, now I needed to staple it underneath.


I just used our hand stapler, and I stapled a lot.  I pulled the fabric as tight as I possibly could as well.


So now it was nice and tight.  The next step was to upholster some buttons so I could give it the tufted look.  The good part about this project was that the ottoman was already tufted, so holes were already drilled through the wood where each button should go.


I bought 2 packs of buttons from JoAnns that can be covered with fabric.  You can ask them there if you are unsure of what they are, they will point you right to them.  I got the ones where no tools were required, you just cut a small square of fabric, cover it, and pop on the back. So easy.

If you can see from the pictures above, the stapled string was from the previous buttons. I knew my staples were too big to hold the string from my buttons, so I nailed in a nail by each hole.  I then cut about 20 pieces of string so make it extra durable, tied it around my button and pulled it through the holes with a large upholstery needle.  I pulled the thread as tight as possible to give it a good tufting look and then wrapped it around the nail and tied it tight.


Worked like a charm!

I flipped it over and got this….


Love the tufted look.  The piping bugs a bit, but it looks better now that it’s tufted.  Maybe someday I’ll do it without:)  Maybe…


For now I’ll just enjoy the cute moroccan design.


and fresh clean look.


birds eye view


I went to Ikea this weekend and got a little spring there too…


it’s coming, I can feel it:)


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9 thoughts on “Reupholstered Ottoman”

  1. Hi there Allie, I love what you do, my mom is a blog lover and she is overjoyed I have finally found one that I look at (all on my own without prompting):) One thing I have noticed is your slip covers, and I don’t seem to find any reference to them on your site on where they came from…I have self taught myself to do pillows n piping and am going to be doing slipcovers soon, so wondering if you have them made or do them yourself and if you do them yourself then do you mind sharing how you have learned? I am a youtube information junkie, but am seriously considering a budget for classes. Thank you for your boldness of faith in our Lord and Savior…I am in love with Jesus and it just makes my heart so glad to see others who have trust and peace and share it openly. Thank you for what you do.

    1. Oh Yolanda, your comment was just so sweet:) Thank you for that! I do some slipcovering myself, and did my kitchen chairs and bedroom chairs using miss mustard seeds videos from her blog. I did a blog on it, but honestly, her videos are awesome:) You can find them on you tube as well! Best of luck to you! If you’ve got the piping thing down then you will rock the slip covers:)

  2. Found your blog today via Pinterest. I love the scale of the tufted pattern on that size ottoman. I’m planning to build an ottoman from scratch and I’m having trouble deciding the exact dimensions. Would you mind giving the measurements of your ottoman? Please and thank you!

  3. Hi there, love your work, so many questions about how you did things and where you got things from. But wondering where you got this fabric from.



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