The day has come when we said goodbye to our cute little pups we have been loving on the last 8 weeks.

golden retreiver puppies

It was so fun to see Neeko be such a good momma, especially after we took the pups in to the vet and found out that older dogs usually don’t make good moms.


She was amazing….


And the kids had a blast with them too…


Even when they pulled on Kynlees ponytail and bit their toes:)


The last puppy left Sunday, and although it was a bit hard to say goodbye, it was a bit of relief as well.  They were getting so big it was getting harder and harder to take care of them.  And they thought all of my landscaping was a jungle for them to trample on…


There used to be a tall grass to the right of the door.  Demolished.


It did help that we kept one…..

photo (43)

The chubbiest one of the group.  We were going to call her moto moto but ended up with Tika (pronounced Teeka) instead.  Apparently it’s a gun company.  Ry thought it would be a great name for our baby, but when I ick snayed that we settled on it for the dog:)


Neeko enjoyed keeping one too!


She’s quite the sweetie…


Tate is doing such a great job taking care of her.  I think she’ll be his puppy.  She’s sleeping in his room at night in the kennel and has been an all star.  She hasn’t even cried.

Which is good, cause there is another baby coming soon…

photo (44) Excuse the messy bed, that’s what a Sunday morning before church will get you….always in a rush.  Anyway, I’m at 37 weeks and at my dr. appt last week I was measuring a 3.  It’s getting so exciting and I am seriously DYING to know what gender it’s going to be!!  Hopefully we’ll find out soon!!!

If you want to follow along on instagram @prvbsthirtyonegirl you can see pics in between posts and may probably just get a sneak peak at baby Lundeen;)


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  1. Aww. Puppies are so sweet! When I was ten, my parents let us adopt a dog (Heeler/Chow mix), who happened to be pregnant. She gave birth to four rotweilers and one other that looked like a blond heeler/chow mix, who we kept. She became my dog, and was the best companion for the next thirteen years. Sadly, she died shortly after I graduated college, but she was a beautiful and sweet puppy that I’m glad I had the fortune of loving.

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