Scoring a Couple Points with the Hubby

So as I have been redoing my living room, I really wanted to bring a little more natural feel into it.  I found a way of doing that through some pillows, the color scheme, and hopefully in the future a couple of baskets.  The last inspiration I found though came from my hubby’s man-cave.  I know…surprising right?  Well I had been stumbling along some pictures of decorating with antlers that I really liked and thought could I possibly pull this off??  First of all I’ll show you my inspirational pictures and you see what you think….

Not bad huh??? I love the dimension it adds as well!

Now this was creative…we’d never have a bathroom big enough, but oh how I’d love that tub:)

Maybe a bit much of the antlers, but not overpowering….I am amazed how this city girl is drawn to them!  It helps that they don’t have the red velvet know what I’m talking about:)

And lastly, the selling point for me.  Love it!!  I love the natural feel, the texture, the way it pops off the wall…this is it, I’m gonna try it!

So, what did I come up with??  Here it is…

Ta Da…I’m hoping to paint the wood backdrop cream so just the antlers pop, but I haven’t gotten a 100% okay from the hubby on that yet:)

If you think I’m not showing you the whole living room on purpose, it’s because I am:)  The living room reveal to my new muted color scheme will be on Friday, so check back to see the whole thing:)

Well, that’s how you make the hubby happy…at least about 1 thing:)  He told me that I am finally starting to come around, until I bring the next piece of furniture into the house….then we’re back at square one.  Some days I wonder if we’ll ever see eye to eye:)


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3 thoughts on “Scoring a Couple Points with the Hubby”

  1. Who would have thought some deer antilers could look so neat and cool in the living! Love it girl :) cant wait for makeover friday!

  2. I love it Allie. It has inspired me to look into letting Jon hang his mounted fish in our living room and scoring some bonus points with my hubbie.

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