If you have been following along with me on instagram @prvbsthirtyonegirl you have seen quite a few sneak peeks of Kynlees room.  And although it’s “almost done” I want to finish a few things before the final reveal.

I did want to show you her feature walls I did in her room though and how I achieved the look.  It all started with this wallpaper from Serena and Lily.


but at $88 a pop, it wasn’t happening.  So I went to Pinterest and found these images…



It gives a SUPER similar look and it’s all done with Sharpie paint pens!!!

Genius.  Man I love Pinterest!

Although I loved this look, as I was searching Pinterest, I found an image I liked even a little bit better….



I loved the little more simplistic feel (and so did my hand) and that it was a little more modern.  Kynlees room was taking on a modern vintage feel (quite the oxymoron) but I loved how it was coming together and this was playing into the look I had more than the classic herringbone pattern.  So, I read this ladies blog (which was amazing, and the reason I won’t give too many directions as she did a great job describing the process) and went on amazon and ordered my Sharpie paint pen.


I bought the double pack for $5.99 because I wasn’t sure if I was going to do gold or silver.  I actually bought 2 packs because I didn’t want to run out of juice half way through the project.  I’ve heard you can buy these individually at michaels or joanns, for about $2.75, but when you live 30 miles from any store, Amazon prime becomes your best friend.  And….I knew I could use the gold paint pen for all sorts of projects down the road so I didn’t mind having that on hand.

It’s super important here that you buy the Sharpie paint pens, and you don’t just take a sharpie marker to your wall.  The paint pens paint over super easy if you make a mistake (which you will) or if you want to repaint the room some day (highly probable.)

I also bought a quilt ruler as suggested by the post above, and it made the project waaaaaayyyyyyy easier!!  I bought the same size she had since the pattern went off of it and got mine on EBay for $18.00

I couldn’t find the exact one I got, but here’s a similiar one..


and then I started…

photo 1 (13)

these first pics were all taken with my iphone at night, so excuse the blurry photos.  I tried using a pencil first, but realized it was just easier to use the paint pen from the get go, but you can tell I had already made a mistake that I had to paint over.  I soon realized though that if you keep a wet rag, you can wipe off your mistake easily if you catch it right away.  So I did the vertical lines first, all 6 1/2″ apart, the width of  the ruler.  Just make sure to use a level to keep them straight.  Once you get one level you should be good for the rest!

photo 2 (14)

One step down.  Now for the measuring.  I’m not going to explain it much since the girls post does an excellent job, I am going to say that if you have a sloped ceiling or window, like this wall, it makes it a tiche more difficult but super doable!

and then for the lines…

photo 3 (8)

Up close, you can see a few areas where it doesn’t match up perfectly, and I could take a small paint brush and touch up every area.  If I were type A, I would.  Thankfully I’m not, so good is good enough:):)

After I did this wall I decided I wanted to do one more wall, so I did the wall next to it as well…

photo 5 (6)

The second wall only took about an hour since I had the pattern down and there was nothing to work around.  Also, I used both paint pens but got both walls done with them, so for $6 in paint pens and $18 for a ruler, I completed this project for $24.  Not bad for a huge statement piece and a savings of over $200 for the wallpaper!

So here’s some finished photos from the good camera.


Here you can see some of the imperfections.  I may go back and fix those “some day”


This was another DIY wall art project I did for $5 out of 1/4″ plywood.  I just used that handy dandy quilting ruler to eyeball a K, cut it out with a jigsaw, stained it and added the turquoise K inside.


and yes, that is plastic on her window.  The economical sense took precedence over the decorator sense.

score one for the hubby.

And just to tease you, since the reveal will be coming soon..




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