Well, I am now a month late, but I thought I’d officially share our news that Ruby Sue made it safely into our family on February 23rd:)  She came fast I tell you…a little too fast for this momma!  I always thought that when people said their deliveries were so fast it was a good thing.  NOT. SO.   I mean, yay for no 24 hour laboring…but holy moly the intenseness is just that.  INTENSE!

I went from my contractions being 6 minutes apart to 2 minutes within 15 minutes.  Ryan may or may not have driven 90 mph and went through one (or two) red lights.  whoops!  I think the cops would have understood.  I was white knuckling it the whole drive.  We got to the hospital and I instantly asked for drugs:)  Cause that’s how I roll.  I missed the chance with Beckett and I did not want that to happen again!  So they gave me an epidural at a 9, and I pushed two contractions later…45 minutes after getting to the hospital.  Whoa, that was close.  I’m happy to report that the drugs kicked in just enough to take the burn off during pushing:)  Phew!

So we say hello to the final member of our family (unless God has other plans;) Ruby Sue..

View More: http://sarahpolliophotography.pass.us/ruby-girl

Hello beautiful!

Your mommy loves you!

View More: http://sarahpolliophotography.pass.us/ruby-girl So does your daddy….

View More: http://sarahpolliophotography.pass.us/ruby-girl

and your sister…

View More: http://sarahpolliophotography.pass.us/ruby-girl You sure remind us a lot of your big sister Jules with your fluffy brown hair:)

View More: http://sarahpolliophotography.pass.us/ruby-girl Welcome to our big crazy family!

View More: http://sarahpolliophotography.pass.us/ruby-girl We think you fit in perfectly!

View More: http://sarahpolliophotography.pass.us/ruby-girl and are excited for the memories we will make together…

View More: http://sarahpolliophotography.pass.us/ruby-girl

for now we’ll just snuggle you…

View More: http://sarahpolliophotography.pass.us/ruby-girl

and kiss your sweet little head:)

View More: http://sarahpolliophotography.pass.us/ruby-girl

oh…and lay you on signs and shove you in buckets…

View More: http://sarahpolliophotography.pass.us/ruby-girl one day youll thank us:)

View More: http://sarahpolliophotography.pass.us/ruby-girl

For those who have been asking if I have Ruby’s nursery done, the answer is no….because there is no room for Ruby:) Shes currently in a bassinet in our room.  But we have some exciting news!  This spring we are adding on to our house, and I couldnt be happier!!  Here’s a sneak peek of the exterior and I’ll share more details soon!


The whole left wing is the addition, which will give us much needed living and storage space!  Wohoo!!  I can’t wait to share our design and ideas with you:)


As always, a HUGE shout out to Sarah Pollio Photography for these great images!!


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21 thoughts on “WELCOME RUBY SUE!!”

  1. Allie:
    You have a beautiful family! You are an inspiration as a truly christian girl for me. May God continue blessing you!

  2. Found your blog from Facebook. Love your ‘birth’ announcement. You really do have a very beautiful family. I was noticing that your older daughter and younger son look a lot like their daddy while the older son looks so much like you. Wondering which one Ruby Sue will favor. I will look forward to reading your future blogs and will be going back through the posts to see all I’ve missed. BTW, love your writing style. And the photos are just amazing. How I wish I’d been more creative and had today’s technology back when our sons were young.

    1. You are so sweet:) Thank you for your kind words! I do agree, I think Tate takes after me as well:) Hoping maybe Ruby Sue will have a little resemblance as well:) Thanks again for leaving a comment, you made me smile today:)

  3. She is lovely!! What a beautiful family you have! I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying your site and especially your blog. I just found it last week!! God bless you guys!!

  4. She is gorgeous! You all are blessed – you have a beautiful family! The house plans look amazing, so happy for you all. Thanks for sharing — she is just a doll!

  5. Congratulations, Allie!!! Miss Ruby Sue is beautiful! It was so great to meet you face to face at Whimsy in November and share our baby bumps! And now both our little girls are here! (Sofia Anjali joined our family two days after Ruby.) Blessings to you and the rest of the family as you settle in with your newest squish. I am so excited to see the new plans for the house!

  6. We serve a mighty God! Our hearts are rejoicing with you as you celebrate Ruby’s birth!! Thank you for sharing your joyous news!

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