I know there are a lot of new readers out there who hear me talk about Whimsy Green and aren’t exactly sure what I’m talking about.  I thought I’d use this post to explain what Whimsy is, how it came into existence, and the amazing sale we had this last week!

When we first moved into the current house we are living in, I had a lot of furniture that didn’t fit the spaces well.  As well as a lot of decor that wasn’t “farmhouse” ish…and I wanted to go a different route.  For anyone that decorates knows, it’s super expensive to switch your whole “style.”  And the words expensive and I don’t go too well together.  My friend had mentioned, since you want to buy new furniture, why don’t you have a “barn sale” to sell your stuff at better prices then you could just get at a garage sale, and then you can sell it all at once.  I sat on that thought for quite awhile (since we did have a super cute red barn now:)  but didn’t dare ask the hubby to help me clean it out and get it up and running for a barn sale.  He just spent 5 months completely renovating our house, I was pretty sure he didn’t want to renovate a barn.

Well….it never hurts to ask:)

So, before you know it him and I were spraying the ceilings white, pressure washing the floors, filling in gaps in the cement, and he wired the whole barn for electrical.  Good.Hubby.Award.  Thanks babe!  Did I mention he wanted a cow and chickens in this barn?

Not happening.

So that year I managed to talk my sisters into “creating” to help me fill this barn that was now ready for a sale.  My one sister came up with the name “Whimsy Green” since we had to call it something than the unoriginal “barn sale” and we opened our doors for the first time three years ago.

You guys, we had no idea what would come of it.

Would anyone show up? (I do live in the middle of nowhere)

Would it be worth our time?

Would we make any money?

Well, that first sale I ended up selling most of the large furniture I had from our last house and was super happy that I could buy a few new pieces.  I also managed to talk my sisters into staying on with me and creating another sale, and another, and another.

From that first sale our customer base has probably multiplied times 20??? I don’t even know.

And the crazy thing is that we have NEVER ADVERTISED outside of this blog and our FB page.

So this last weekend we geared up for our big Christmas sale.  The weather was cold but the women still showed up!  I took this picture from my front yard at 9, when our doors opened.  You guys, that drive is 1/4 mile long!  We had over 150 ladies waiting in line and ready to shop when the doors opened.

photo 1 (7)

we stand amazed!

And this was the picture I took of the other side of my yard at about 9:30….

photo 3 (5)

we had to lay down tarps so that the women could lay their piles down while they continued to shop.


and the other side…

photo 2 (7)

Women have come as far as 4 hours away to shop our sale.  Can you say humbled??

As I was checking women out, one lady showed me a map she had drawn of our barn and the items she wanted.  I asked if I could take a picture of it and she let me have it.

photo (55)

The ladies go online to see the pictures we post and mark out their strategy of what to get.

Never in a million years if someone told me three years ago Whimsy Green would have turned into this would I have believed it.  My family is so humbled and honored and can only give the glory to God.  We can’t figure out how else this would happen!

Oh, and I had to post this picture my friend sent me on a text.  I survived Whimsy Christmas sale 2014..

photo (56)

You’re welcome Abbey:)  Did I mention it was cold and windy???

So, here are the pictures I took from inside the barn, before the women came in:)

We had an elegant Christmas room…



My sisters husband made this table and benches.  It was beautiful!


You might have spied my hutch in the back there.  Yep. She’s gone!  Onto new things:)


My sister Mel made those awesome light up signs!  So creative!



And then we had a little bit more of a “Woodsy Christmas”






and of course we had to have a traditional red and green christmas….





and a little fun red and grey and leopard christmas…



and this year, we also had Ryan’s man cave set up for the sale.


We worked around the yellow insulation and plywood floors:)








and on top of the man cave being open to shop, we also opened up our little guest house as a little toy shop.  My sister puts together fun “kits” and babies for kids and my mom made some amazing superhero capes and girly capes.  I only got iphone shots of the guest house so the quality isn’t the best.

photo (57)

photo (58)

photo (59)

photo (60)

So here’s a huge THANK YOU for the most amazing customers!!! To my mom and dad who help selflessly, and to my hubby who worked hard to get everything set up for us and parked cars and the other hubbies for watching kiddos:).  My sisters and I are so so so grateful and feel so blessed!

Until next year….



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  1. Wishing I lived in your area. Your sale looked AMAZING!! What a family affair and what talents you all possess. Your farmette is so charming. What fun. Enjoyed this share.

  2. Tami Hungerford

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I missed this. I heard about your blog from Lauren (I work with her at Cremps) I fell in love with everything. From your story to your adorable decorating style. How can I be in the know in the future for when you have this opportunity again????

    Peace to you,

    1. Aww….sorry Tami! If you like us on FB under Whimsy Green you can see all of our dates for the year and see our posts about the upcoming sales:) Hopefully that helps!! If you don’t have facebook sneak on someones page and you can at least write the dates down. We haven’t posted our dates for next year yet, but our first sale of the year is usually the last weekend in April, so theres your heads up:):) Thanks for following along:)

  3. Hi Allie,
    Wasn’t able to make it to this sale ; (
    Was wondering if the tall white distressed cabinet in the ‘Woodsy Christmas’ pic sold ??

    Thanks !

  4. I love, love, love, love these pictures. I wish I was close enough to come wait in line and scoop up some that loveliness. From far away your sale is just lovely inspiration I need to attempt to recreate or find elsewhere. Thanks for sharing your treasures and ideas.

    Side Note: A vintage Thirty-One tote + Wimsey Green Sale ?!? You can’t get much better than that!! Great job Abbey! ;)

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