DIY–Painted Curtains

It’s true, I tried it.  I was reading a magazine while Ryan and I were in Florida and read about a lady who painted her drop cloth curtains, and they looked great.  If you google painted curtain images, it’s amazing how many pictures you will find.  So, I was on a mission.

I orginally fell in love with these curtains…






But at $99  a panel (enter gasp here) it just wasn’t going to happen.  I started looking online for different stencils I liked and end up finding this one..

I liked that it looked like it would be easy to paint.

Let the work begin.

First, I used Saran Wrap to lay down a barrier between the fabric and my wood floor.  I have learned from other projects that paint seeps through drop cloth quite easily.

painted curtains

Gotta love that painters tape to help hold everything in place:)

I used the cheapest white paint I could find and a small foam roller.

painting curtains

Yes, this is how I usually look when I’m doing projects.  No make up and comfys.

I bought this stencil to also use for some Whimsy crafts.  I got it from StencilEase and upgraded to a little bit thicker stencil for durability.  I think it was around $25.  Not bad for being able to use it again and again.

I just overlapped a couple of the ikat patterns when I moved it to make sure everything lined up.

painting curtains

It really used a lot more paint than I expected, and you had to push quite hard to get it to soak in evenly.  This project was definitely a labor of love, but oh so cheap.  Cheap wins every time.

painting curtains

Plus I had a GREAT cheerleading squad:)

painting curtains

Once I was finished I actually hung them on the rod to dry.  They were quite wet on both the front and back so you have to transport them carefully:)

painted curtains

The first panel took me about an hour….but once I got it down I got it to about 1/2 a panel.  Really, that’s not bad…it was just the aching  shoulders and back that were a bit of a bugger.

But, I think the results were worth it.

Here’s the before…..

drop cloth curtains

My $10 drop cloth curtains that have been up for a year now.

and after….

stenciled curtains

I love how subtle it is but still adds pattern..

painted curtains

Once again, my fear of color wins:)

cottage living room

See that fun sign on the mantel?  There will be a post on how to make one of those too:)

A couple of things to know about the curtains.

1.)  I used a gallon of paint on 6 panels, it takes more than you think.

2.)  I did not add the fabric additive you can add so they are washable, but I never wash my curtains..eek!

3.)  They are a bit stiff, but we never closet these curtains.  I do close the ones in my living room, and they close, just a bit stiff:)  It doesn’t bug me but it may bug some of you???  They don’t look stiff at all.  It’s our little secret:)

** There has been quite a bit of questions from this post so I thought I’d add in a few of the sources of where I purchased everything.

I  bought the chair from an online auction but it is a Room & Board chair, I didn’t even realize that til I went to go pick it up, score!

The ottoman I recovered, and the fabric came from here.

I made the pillow, and the fabric is from here.

I got the vintage feedsacks again on an online auction, but found a great tutorial of how to make them yourself here.

 I think that should do it, thanks for all the great feedback and questions!
Allie Lundeen

119 Responses to DIY–Painted Curtains

  1. michele peters says:

    love everything I see!!!

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  3. Pam says:

    I followed a pin to you blog. LOVE your decorating! The pin showed a planked wall using luann plywood. I didn’t see notation in your blog as to where you used it in your house or a finished picture. How did it turn out compared to regular plywood?

  4. Hunnyb3 says:

    Can you wash these painted curtains? And if so, do you just throw them in your washing machine with regular detergent or do you have to use something special? I’m just surprised the paint won’t eventually wash out.

    • allie says:

      I’m sure you can, although I never have. Just make sure to wash your drop cloth before you paint on it so when you do wash them they don’t shrink. I have washed my pillows that I have painted on multiple times and they wash up just fine! The paint stays:)

      • Hunnyb3 says:

        Wow. Thank you so much. I can never find curtains with a pattern I like. Will be fun to create my own & finally be happy with what I have.

    • Adri says:

      Where did you purchase the drop cloths? Are they just from any hardware store?

      • allie says:

        I usually get them from Menards, but make sure to look them over good. Not all are created equal:) And they are all a little different color, so if you need more than one pack, try to match the colors as best as possible:)

  5. Melissa says:

    Do you think painting black out curtains would work as well?

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  8. Izzi says:

    Hello where can I get that beautiful ottoman?? And the hair from??

    • Izzi says:


    • allie says:

      haha..I was wondering about the “hair” :) The ottoman was a DIY. It use to be leather that I recovered. I found the fabric online at to cover it in. As for the chair, it was an online auction purchase but is originally from Room and Board:) I know Pottery Barn has a very similar one as well:”)

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  10. Rosemary says:

    Would love to find a chair like this one for my bedroom. Please me where I can purchase this chair!

    • allie says:

      This chair is from Room and Board but I have seen similar chairs at Pottery Barn and now Ikea even has an option that is close! Hope that helps:)

  11. Heather says:

    I love those pillows! If only I knew how to sew!

  12. Suzzanne says:

    Love the curtains….actually I love the whole look! Where did you purchase your chair and ottoman? I’ve been looking for a white overstuffed chair for months!

    Very talented, indeed!

  13. Laura says:

    what brand/finish of paint did you use? also, is it just the standard white, or did you have them add any color? I LOVE these, and think they will be perfect in my den! yay!

    • allie says:

      I actually found that the lucite paint from menards worked the best. Ha! My hubby bought it one time thinking he was saving money when I told him paint is not all created equal! I found that it worked great on the curtains cause it was a little thinner and went on better. I had it mixed in the benjamin moore color, decorators white! Best of luck!!

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  16. Patti Anderson says:

    Beautiful! Love, Love, Love it!
    Where did you get that great basket (tray)?
    Thanks, Patti

  17. kristen says:

    What online auctions do you go to for furniture like that? Looks awesome!

  18. Molly says:

    This project has been resting at the back of my mind for about a year, and today I finally started it! You can see on the right panel where was kind of figuring out how to do the pattern correctly, but by the end of the left panel I got the hang of things! Thanks for posting this idea, my dining room will look fantastic when this is all done! :)

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  21. Tara says:

    How did you get yours to hang so nicely? I just finished painting my first 2 panels and hung them (they’re dry) but they are so stubborn! I can’t get them to bend and stay bent like yours! Help!! :)

    • allie says:

      I actually hung mine when they were still wet, and then I could bend them and kind of dried that way. The other ones I just sort of accordian folded and held there for a minute to stay. I even have some pins in top to keep it from sliding on the curtain rod and stay in place. Hope that help!!

  22. Jill says:

    I LOVE these curtains. I repinned this blog post to my Pinterest board a long time ago without actually clicking on the link. The picture looked so nice I figured it was curtains from a store I would never be able to afford.

    Today I clicked on the link while scrolling through my board. I’m so glad I did! I will be recreating these curtains when I move into my new apartment this fall. Thank you for the post!

  23. Danielle says:

    I love the curtains, and love the chair. Thanks so much for the tutorial! Can you tell me where the chair came from?

  24. Terri says:

    I love the slipcover chair at your dining room table! Did you make it or purchase it?

  25. Rachel says:

    This is off subject but where did u find your ottoman? I love it!

    • allie says:

      Thanks Rachel!! I actually recovered one I had bought from a friend! I got the fabric at, I’ll try to put a link up later!:). Also, I did a blog on the ottoman, I’ll try to link that up too:)

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  27. Charla says:

    Did u purchase a single stencil or one with a repeat? There is a huge difference in price!

    • allie says:

      I just purchased the single. I know! The price difference was crazy, I thought for the difference I could move it and it worked well:)

  28. Morgan Alexander says:

    I love your wood floors! Can you tell me what they are? (Brand/type etc.)

    • allie says:

      Thanks Morgan. They are a laminate that we purchased from I have looked for them recently but haven’t seen them on there for a while. I am working with a girl that found them though from another retailer, Ill look into where she got them and let you know!:) They are called a french bleed.

  29. Wow! These came out beautifully! I love the pattern you picked and they do not look stiff at all (but I do appreciate the warning). What are drop cloth curtains? Curtains you made from drop cloth? Or did you really buy them for $10?

    • allie says:

      The curtains are made from drop clothes, which are the painting clothes you put down. I buy mine from home depot, and if you buy the big pack for I think $30, you can make 4+ panels from them:) You do have to have a few basic sewing skills, but they are a grade super easy on the sewing scale:):)

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  31. Charlotte says:

    Love the curtains!! Where did you get that awesome floor lamp?

  32. Been meaning to ask – where are those beautiful vintage looking prints from that you have on the wall next to the curtains? I LOVE them!

  33. Chelsie says:

    How did you make them into curtains is my main question!? I want to buy some drop cloth and paint it but I’m thinking I should first learn how to make them into curtains. Thanks!

    • allie says:

      :) That would be a great first step! You should probably own a sewing machine or know someone that does:) Measure the length you want them, cut your fabric to that length plus a half an inch for the hem. I usually just buy the large dropcloth and then turn it into 4 panels for the width. This only works for a single window pane. Once I have the measurements, I hem the sides and bottom, then I turn the top over about 4 inches, and sew. I sew another line parallel to that one about 1 1/2 up so it creates a pocket. That’s it. Sounds hard but the 4 panels took me about a half an hour. Super easy:) Best of luck!

  34. Terri says:

    Where did you get art prints? I live how simple they are, but make such a bold impact! Beautiful space. :)

  35. LUCY says:

    Just found you and have fallen in love…:) xo

  36. debbie says:

    This is beautiful – love the soft colors. You are very creative and not afraid to try projects – that’s great.

  37. elaine says:

    Just stumbled on your blog – what a beautiful home! Would you mind sharing your source for the white/blue pillow on your chair?

  38. Lara says:

    Love the curtains! Where did you get the blue and white pillow on your chair?

  39. Erica says:

    I love your home! Can you share where you got your wood floors and the name of them? They are absolutely stunning!!! We are wood floor shopping and your are just what I’m looking for ;-)

    • allie says:

      Thanks Erica! They are actually a laminate…and we got them on I recently looked for someone else and I don’t think they carry them anymore, but they are called a French Bleed floor, so you may be able to find them somewhere else:)

      • Erica says: has some called ‘Hampton Barnwood’…is that the name of yours? It looks similar, but it’s hard to tell in the pictures ;-) How have you liked the laminate so far? Sorry for all the questions…lol…I’m just excited to have found something I love ;-)

        • allie says:

          We love them, they are super durable and wear well:) I think ours were called chateau, but you can get free samples from ifloors, a great option to check some of them out:)

  40. Kristina says:

    Excellent job! These look fantastic – I have to say I would not have thought that stencil could look so awesome on the curtains. It is so hard for me to visualize those small stencils – but it looks really great. Excellent tutorial and tips. And you have a beautiful room.

  41. Anna says:

    The curtains are beautiful and look amazing with your decor. What paint color is on your walls? I’m searching for something similar for my family room.

    Thank you!

  42. Kristine says:

    I LOVE your curtains!!!!! I think this is a project I’m going to have to do during spring break:). Did you use a special fabric paint or is white paint I have hanging around from some trim work okay to use? Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!!

    • allie says:

      I used leftover paint:) You can put a medium into it that you can get from a JoAnns or Michaels that makes it work better on fabric, but I didn’t do it. Good luck!

  43. Lauren RG says:

    Love this whole room and especially the framed oat bags!! I love your design aesthetic! What online auction websites do you use to find things? Do you have a go-to favorite?

  44. Katherine says:

    Love the room. Where did you find the upholstered chair? I am looking for one just like it.

  45. Becky says:

    Love everything! I especially love the floor lamp…any chance you’d share where it is from…I’ve been looking for one forever!!!

  46. Ty says:

    They look great! Also I love the horse artwork on the wall, was that a DIY project or did you purshuse them somewhere?

  47. Tania says:

    Wow, I LOVE your curtains… that they are drop cloth AND the inexpensive stenciling too! Awesome job!


  48. Rachel says:

    Ooo!! I LOVE them! Totally gives me inspiration to paint my curtains.

    ps: where did you get that floor lamp?

  49. Love these! They look like some I’ve found at West Elm, good deal!!

  50. Beth says:

    A little off-subject, but where did you get that great arched floor lamp? I’ve been looking for something similar for our family room! Your home is beautiful!

    • allie says:

      Thanks so much Beth, it’s the question of the day:) I found this one on craigslist a couple of years ago, but it’s from Pottery Barn. I have seen a similar one in their newest catalog, but a bit pricey for my budget:)

  51. I love your home. Great work! All of the white on white is refreshing!

  52. What a great tutorial! Thank you so much for the inspiration! Pinning your great curtains! :)

  53. Your curtains turned out beautiful and they look just gorgeous in your living room!

  54. Beautiful! I love your entire room, and the floors are gorgeous!

  55. kim says:

    Those look so good and so does your living room.

  56. I love your living room! It is gorgeous!!!!

  57. Karen says:

    Beautiful job Allie. I have an off topic question about a little something I see hanging in the back of your living room picture. Is that a ladder hanging from your ceiling or some type of baniste? I love it! I had my hubs bring in an old ladder from our shop about a month ago & Ive been moving it here and there & even contemplated hanging like you have so it was fun to see this. I have to say your “rungs” have totally intrigued me. ;)

    • allie says:

      Thanks Karen:) It’s actually a part from an old front porch I think?? It was from an occasional shop and that chippy paint was too hard to pass up! So it’s a little smaller than a ladder and a bit more decorative, but a ladder would be fun too! I’m still trying to find one for my bedroom:)

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  59. Angela Klohn says:

    Where exactly does one purchase drop cloth curtains? Do you just buy the the drop cloths and make the curtains or do they come already made?

    • allie says:

      Angela, I love it. I have yet to find pre made drop cloth curtains:) But, since when you buy drop clothes the sides are all hemmed, you really only need to end up hemming a couple of sides and making a pocket at the top. I get my drop clothes from Home Depot, or Menards. I think I made the four around the fireplace in about 30 minutes:)

      • Angela Klohn says:

        Thanks for the info. I am so NOT a sewing girl so what do think about the wonder under stuff? Do you think that would work for these type of curtains?

  60. Great project! We have drop cloth curtains and I’ve been thinking of painting them too.

  61. They look so great! I too have the same fear of color – just paint it white, that’s always my go-to sentiment.

  62. Emily Allen says:

    So pretty! Good job lady!

  63. Fantastic! Love them, great job!

  64. Kandie says:

    LOVE them, love your blog, love your house, love your faith!

  65. Janet says:

    It’s amazing how sometimes small details can make such a difference. I love it! I am skeptical that the paint needs the additive to be washable (once it’s cured anyway). Because my paint shirt sure doesn’t get the paint washed out of it! I love the before and after shots, didn’t you say you love those, too? Did you know there is a whole blog dedicated to before and after shots. You should send some of yours in and score yourself some more readers!

  66. Kayla Olson says:

    Love these curtains! I have been wanting to paint a rug! I adore your decorating and all your posts!!

  67. Wendy says:

    so cool – so creative – i love how your audience/preschool fan club is right there watching you paint in one of your pics – so cute!

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