Well, I teased you about it some time ago, so I’ll finally show you what I’ve SLOWLY been working on in our upstairs bath.  I love wall treatments, and would love to snap my fingers and have them magically appear, but unfortunately that costs lost of money:)  So, to the saw I go.  I bought I think about 4 or 5 sheets of 1/4″ plywood to do this project, and at about $12 a sheet that comes to about $60 worth of wood, plus a gallon of paint.  A little makeover under $100 is always fun!

So here’s how the bathroom looked before….


and what the bathroom looks like now….


Okay, so you can’t see the planking the best here, but you can also see I did a mini makeover to the vanity.  Although I liked the elegant look of the painted one, it seemed a little too formal for the rest of the house, so I added some label pulls and stripped the door fronts.  I initially planned on whitewashing them, which I did..


I sanded them down and made a mixture of half water/half white paint, painted it on and wiped it off like a stain.  I kept them like this for about a week but the orange tone that was popping through was just buggin.

I wanted the color to be more like this…


It’s  a little darker and a little cooler.  More like driftwood.  So I grabbed my can of antique glaze and painted it on…


and it toned them down to this…


There you can see the planking better as well.  I’m loving how it looks, a little less formal.  I wanted the darker and lighter spots on the drawer fronts to look more like natural wood, so after I stained the whole front, I took my brush and did random brush stroked here and there and let them sit for a few minutes.  Then when I wiped them off they stayed a little darker.


I like the imperfections.


So there she is for now.  I’ve got a few other changes coming too, but you’ll have to wait just a bit more!

I am thinking a fun rug to bring a pop of pattern would be fun as well…something like this..


or this..


I love the bath rug in there but it blends into the floor, gets dirty extremely easy, and isn’t wide enough to stand on from the vanity and getting out of the tub.  Oh the problems:)

So that will have to tide you over til after the weekend.  Whimsy is going on Thursday and Saturday of THIS WEEK! from 9-3. We’d love to see you!  You can find more information here.


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3 thoughts on “A BATHROOM UPDATE”

  1. Wow love the makeover. You are such a handy girl the planking looks great. I’m also loving the vanity makeover. Where did you find the label pulls? I just recently painted a dresser for my husband office and the pulls would really give it the look I’m going for.

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