Wow, sorry I’ve been gone so long.  Trust me, I’ve been keeping busy:)  With lots to show, at some point.  But what’s been keeping me the most busy at this point is the decision Ryan and I made about a year ago.  The time we started realizing that our kids are growing up and we can’t stop them.  Bugger.  I asked Tate if he would stop growing and he said he can’t, because then he would have to stop eating and then he would die.  Yeah, there’s that.

So, Ry and I decided about a year ago that we both wanted our kiddos to be home schooled.  I had no idea what that looked like.  I had never thought I would ever, I mean ever, home school.  I was a public school teacher after all.  And something about the idea of them getting on a bus and mom having all day to do what needs to get done with no interruptions sounded so appealing.  Until you actually have to follow through with it….and then it sounds so scary.  They are so little, will he have friends, will he know where to go, will he shut down, and on and on and on.   And quite honestly it wasn’t even the fear of our little guy going off that swayed our mind into homeschooling, because I’m pretty sure if that was it, every mom would do it:)  Ryan and I just both really had a peace about it and felt this is the way the Lord was leading us.  And until that peace is no longer there…well, we’ll deal with it then:)

So homeschooling it is.  I want to say before I go any further that I love our school district.  We have amazing teachers and leadership as well.  That is in no part why we chose to keep our kiddos home.  It had everything to do with personal decisions and where we felt the Lord was calling us.  It’s not for everyone and I would never say one is better than the other.  It’s just what we are doing, for at least a year that is:)  I also want to say that although I love my followers, I’m not looking for your opinion on this one:) Our minds are made up and the decision is made, so thank you so much in supporting us in it:) We are so excited about what is in store for us in the next year and how we are going to grow as a family, through triumphs and struggles, highs and lows, crying and laughing….cause I’m sure there’ll be all of it!

And honestly, I’m pretty excited to teach again!  Even though teaching them to read freaks me out a bit, I always got them after they learned that…but here goes nothing!

So, here’s the kids on their first day of school….

photo (65)

First I want to set the record straight, we do not get this cute for home school. Ha!  Trust me, you’ll see our true pictures soon!  We actually are a part of a home school co-op that meets every other friday where the kids get Art, Music, Phy ed., and MN History.  As well as the experience of being in a class with a lot of other children and the whole social aspect, they get opportunities such as Christmas and spring programs and field trips that I can’t provide in the home.  I am so grateful for this and the women that have worked so hard to put it together.  We pay next to nothing for the great experience of joining over 100 other kids and families in their home school journey.

Now for the true pictures of what the Lundeen academy looks like.  Of course our first day of school we had to do it up a little special, so this is what the kiddos came down to.


Ryan’s mom always decorated and had special treats for them on the first day, a tradtion he wanted me to carry on.  My mom always made it special as well, and I remember it.  I want my kids to remember it too, even if they aren’t hopping on a bus their first day.


I was told the mini cereal boxes were a must!


And fun new school supplies never hurt.

The kids were pretty excited when they came down in the morning…


Yep, that’s more like it:)


Tate is going into Kindergarten…


and Kynlee being 15 months behind is in Preschool, but I’m pretty much doing the same things for both of them.


They are pretty much at the same level, so I’ll adjust when needed, but otherwise I’ll save myself and keep them together:)

I must admit, they are pretty cute pupils:)


Don’t worry, the teacher part of me still comes out quite a bit.  And yes, I do make them raise their hand:)  Kynlee raises her hand as she blurts out the answer..we’ve got some work to do;)


and she’s my little lefty!


The most common question I get is what curriculum are you using.   And the answer I give them is we don’t have a set curriculum.  I have picked up things here and there, bought about every book amazon has to offer on teaching your children to read, and any other books other home school moms have recommended:)  I’m a little bit more of a laid back teacher that likes to pick and choose and adapt and change, so I didn’t want to order one curriculum that I had to stick with.  I’m sure when the kids get a bit older I’ll find I will need it, but for now we are going to experiment and find what fits our family.

So, a lot has been going on in the Lundeen house.  Home schooling on top of Whimsy in 2 weeks as well as a few other fun projects I’ve been working on for other people that I’ll hopefully show soon makes for one tired momma.  So with that, I should probably find my pillow.

Happy school year everyone!



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34 thoughts on “A BIG DECISION”

  1. We just started our fifth year of homeschool. I was a public school teacher who also said I would NEVER homeschool… but that is where God led us. I did play Jonah for a bit and ran away. In fact, after a couple of rough days of homeschool (after two years of my oldest in the public schools), I took them back to the public school and registered them! But God kept working on me. This is what is right for US. Right now. But I, like you, am not one to say one is better than another. It depends on the parents, on the kids, and on God’s leading… We will see where God leads us for high school – next year already!

  2. I just love your blog! I don’t have kids yet, but it is a big decision to make. I want a BIG family, and homeschooling is definitely a decision to make when you have several kids and daycare is expensive. I love your pictures! Kynlee is adorable!

  3. It was fun to read your blog! I can relate to so much of it…especially the “first day of school” pictures. Our first day was far from “picture perfect” and I probably would have thrown away any picture that was taken on that chaotic day. :) As for starting Tate and Kynlee together, I wanted to share that I did the same thing with Wes and Emma 7 years ago. There was a point in which Emma couldn’t keep up, but it didn’t make sense to make her just sit when she wanted to do “what Wes was doing.” You’re right about having some hard days… Two weeks into my first year homeschooling, I called my mom and told her that I was ready to send them to school! We plodded through, though, and God’s grace has proven sufficient time and time again! The “good days” far outweigh the “bad days” anyway. :) One thing about homeschooling is that your kids get to witness your dependence on God. We have had days, when in tears, we stop school for a moment and pray for wisdom and help. The kids have seen God answer these prayers…great teachable moments! Blessings to you sister!

    1. Jolene, thank you so much for your words of wisdom, it means a lot! As does all the work you put into co-op. It doesn’t go unnoticed!! You are a blessing!

  4. So happy for you and the decision to homeschool. I home schooled our children and have never been sorry for the choice. They are all now successful adults, the youngest is a senior at CSSM and doing well. Most of all the time you have with them as they learn and grow is priceless. Enjoy the moments, they pass so fast.

  5. Yay! I’m so excited for you guys! All three of you are going to have such wonderful memories of being together! I’m going to pray for you all year….and bring you lattes!!!!! xoxooxoxoxxo

  6. I’m so happy for you in your decision to homeschool!!! I home schooled our three children for several years when they were younger, and have NEVER regretted that decision! It was such a sweet time for our family. We were able to be together, have a much more flexible schedule, and the time spent with them over those years was priceless! They grew in their relationships with each other, developed their creativity and developed self confidence in the safety and loving environment of home!! They are all in a christian school now. Our boys are a senior and a sophomore in high school, and our daughter is in the sixth grade. As we get ready for one to leave the nest ( tears…) I look back on those years as truly some of the most special years for our family. I hope you have the same experience!! :) It’s not easy, but it is worth it…

  7. What an awesome decision! We’ve home schooled one year, however due to Mark being in school himself and other factors, the kids are in DC as of now. I have a feeling that will be changing down the road though because Mark & I have always wanted our children to be home learning:) One of my aunts has taught all of hers (still does), she has 10 to teach!! Best wishes, you will do great!!

  8. Lynn Hough Kinzel

    My sister home schooled all of her five children through high school and they did great in college, the youngest graduating from college this spring as valedictorian! They are all very social, gifted, and motivated to serve the Lord in their jobs. They bless the socks off me!

  9. Yep, God certainly has a since of humor! I was finishing my third year of birth through grade 3 ed when I met my husband and he wanted his children home schooled! I never started my fourth year and have yet to regret it. I have 5 boys 6 and under. I am doing 1st grade, kinder, 3 (almost 4) year preschool, and my 2 year old insists on his time with the tactile cards, white board, and sounding out letters! It’s not always easy but it is very worth it! My favorite thing is knowing I know my children best!

  10. Thank you for acknowledging that each family has to do what is best of them and where God leads them. I have friends who homeschool, who send their kids to Christian private school, and public school. Ours goes to public school and the hubby is a middle school teacher. Not one is right or wrong as long as we are following God’s direction and filling up our kiddos with lots of love. Best wishes on your school year!

  11. Way to go! I had the privilege of homeschooling our K last spring for 4 months and it was amazing! Alas, things have now changed for us and we no longer homeschool BUT I 100% support mothers who homeschool… The few things I learned about homeschooling is PATIENCE and let the kids choose their own cirriculum! Best of Luck with everything! ENJOY!!

  12. I am a homeschool mom too this is the start of my 3rd year! My 2 oldest are just under 2 years apart and I teach them all the same stuff except for math and language at their own levels. It works really well and saves me a lot of teaching time doing them together. We also are part of a co-op that meets twice a month and my children love it. My favorite part is they offer something for all ages birth-12th grade plus a Bible study for the moms! They also plan 1 or 2 field trip options every month . I know you love a great deal so I thought I would let you know if you haven’t heard already but the week of October 7-11 Sea life at Mall of America has homeschool week and have admission for $5 a person. Your whole family could go for less than the normal admission price for 1 person! Check out their website for more info. Also that same week the MN Zoo has homeschool day on Tuesday the 8th. One adult per family is free and your son would be $8 and your daughter would be $5. Again check out their website for more details. Good luck and have a great year.

  13. Glad to hear DC is still a great school district since I graduated there years ago. I wish you well in homeschooling and you do have cute pupils, even a little lefty girl like me! We had 3 boys in public school, tow have graduated and one is a senior. Our daughter is starting her 10th grade year at a new school, the New Country Charter School in Henderson and loving it. Each family, child, and situation are different and it’s so nice we have options now. Have fun, open doors and let them go through. Each day you teach them, they are likely to teach you as much if not more!

  14. Good for you guys to follow what the Lord is calling you to! My husband & his 4 siblings were all homeschooled for several years & I’m always blown away by how smart they all are :) I pray that this will be a wonderful experience for your family!

  15. I too am a former public school elementary teacher and do send my kids to public elementary school but decided last year to home school my oldest through middle school. Last year was a tough transition for both of us and she does attend a virtual online school (which by the way, I believe Wisconsin has a free K-12 virtual online school) and this year is going MUCH better. I have enjoyed getting to know her again (it had been 8 years since I had had her alone in the house) and hoping to build a wonderful foundation for her to stand by her morals & values when the peer pressures of the world become part of her teen life.

    I too had NEVER EVER thought I’d home school but it’s been a great decision for us and I plan on home schooling each of mine through the middle school years. There are TONS of free home school curriculums online, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel and probably some co-ops in your area, too.

  16. Wow! I’m cheering you on! I’m in my third yr of home school ( and yeah, teaching em to read is a big deal!) but the satisfaction of hearing them read and knowing you taught them how to do that is SO rewarding! God bless you!

  17. I’m so happy for your family!! I am also a former public school teacher and my hubby still is (in the district our kids should be attending, so that makes it a bit awkward sometimes), but we really felt The Lord leading us to homeschool last year. I was hesitant, and now I’m so happy! So are the kids!!! I pray you all have a blessed school year. May you reap the rewards of your obedience.

  18. I personally didn’t think I could home school and have stuck to that decison. One graduated and at the U of M, had a 31 on her ACT and a junior in HS.

    My 2nd counsins swear by home school and posted this info.


    Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool
    A complete, free

  19. Congratulations on your decision to teach your children at home. I pray your experience will be filled with fond memories for all of you. We home schooled our four children all the way through high school and I am now homeschooling our special needs grandson. I love it and strongly feel it is the best choice for Ethan at this point. He has overcome so much including nine surgeries for injuries stemming from being mauled by two dogs with more yet to endure. Ethan is such a blessing! I thank God everyday for the privilege of opening up the world to my hero.

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