A Break From the Chaos

This past weekend we had some great friends come over for the weekend to “camp out” at our house.  What troopers they are!!  We were going to go to a campsite close to our house but when I realized that I had a husband who probably wouldn’t want to leave for a whole weekend at this point, I threw out the idea.  “It’ll be a lot of fun, we have all the toys one could think to play with, and (here’s the selling point) we can do a giant slip and slide down our hill!!  Yeah, that even sounded fun to me!  So, that’s exactly what we did!  I didn’t capture it all, just the best part…the slip and slide!

No, I’m not pregnant..that’s my sweet friend ang who’s due in 2 months and looks amazing!!  But look at the length of this thing.  I gotta tell you, the kids came down so fast we needed a catcher, but they were all smiles.  I tried to capture some of the true emotion in these pictures….

Hang on Tate!!!

Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this does it Leelah!!  I so wish I could show you how fast they were going, because after going down a few times myself, I was a litle nervous!!

We did get a beach/playground run in too!

So fun!  P.S. Look at that handsome hubby, he has already lost 18 pounds since being on the “never have a minute to sit down and eat” diet.  Not sure if it is the healthiest diet, but he’s getting skinny!!

He’s a worker too!

 What a blessing to have some much needed family time!  God is good:)  Now back to the grind to show you what else we’ve been working on!!


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