A Daddy’s Heart

Throughout this journey with Juliet, you all have heard my thoughts, feelings, emotions…raw and true.  And through me you have heard a bit of Ryan’s heart….but he’s never got on and typed out all of his feelings.   So, I was a bit surprised when he told me that he wanted to talk at Jules’ funeral.  More so for the fact that I would never be able to get up in front of everyone and hold it together.  I’d probably have walked up and right back down.  But he knew that this was something he wanted to do, and I was so proud of him for it.

He told me one night he couldn’t sleep and ended up going down to the office and writing out his speech.  I was quite surprised because I didn’t even know he was gone…but even more surprised when he told me it was 8 pages long.  I said, the little notebook pages right honey? and he said no, the big printer paper pages.  Oh dear, that’s when I got a little nervous.  After much pleading I made him read it to me so he didn’t “make a fool” of himself.   Loving and supportive…..I know:)  Not that it should have been a huge surprise, but it was amazing. He did such a great job capturing his point of view on the whole journey, and even threw in his “Ryan” humor that attracted me to him as well.  I couldn’t have been prouder that day listening to Jules’ daddy speak at her celebration of life.  He is an amazing dad to all our babes, and I wanted to show him off to the rest of you….

So, after trying for hours to convert and cut and upload a video to youtube, our good friend Jeff saved the day and had it on there in a matter of minutes…thanks Jeff!

And thank you so much Larry for taping Jules’ funeral and Robert for editing, so we forever have the memories and can share it with everyone else.



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16 thoughts on “A Daddy’s Heart”

  1. Allie, your story of Jules has made me weep numerous times – your story is powerful and her journey unforgettable. Thank you for sharing your heart and being a light! I think you may know my sister, Leah Borg. Our daughter, Annaleah Hope, was born with Trisome 13, had severe clefting, a cyst on her brain, and heart defects. She was born at 26 weeks (but had stopped growing around wk 19 or 20), took a few breaths, and went to be with Jesus. I loved reading about your days with Jules and am so thankful you had 38 miraculous days with your little angel. To see these little girls completely whole when we’re with Jesus will be beyond glorious! Our daughter, Keziah (4), wept when I shared the slideshow video Sarah so beautifully captured and her heart just broke for little Jules. It was powerful to share with her the reality of Heaven and that her sister and little Jules are there, waiting to be reunited with loved ones. May the Lord continue to carry you, Ryan, Tate, and Kynlee – especially in those moments of missing Jules the most. Praying His love to cover y’all!

    Sarah Borg
    Warner Robins, GA

  2. Oh it’s absolutely beautiful. You are both so strong and I am glad u choose to see the positive and celebrate what little time u had with your daughter. Hope u find some comfort in God’s love.

  3. Allie & Ryan,
    Thanks for sharing from the heart. I pray that God will keep you all strong and close to His everlasting love.
    Shari Barberg (Grandma of 3)

  4. Ryan & Allie, what a blessing & inspiration you have been to so many. I know that your testimony has blessed many, yes, and more importantly, pointed many to your Savior. God Bless you as you continue on this journey. Prayers, Judy Spink

  5. Wow, what an amazing speech , Little Jules is blessed to have had the loving family she has. God Bless her Memory Always. She will never be forgotten.

  6. God bless you guys .I pray that your family stays strong in the Lord. You are truly an inspiration for being so strong in Him through Juliet’s entire journey.

  7. This as the best!! Ryan did such an amazing job! I loved Hs real ness , faith, strength, heartaches he shared!! Of course some humor too ;)

  8. Wow Ryan gave an amazing speech :) God bless him he is so strong and so are you allie. Just know little juliet is being held, loved and looked after by Ryans brother who is also in heaven . We love you guys and hope you are doing well.

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