A Guest House!!!!

We made it back from Florida.  Always a little bittersweet, especially when my parents are still down there!  And when the kiddos get to the age that they realize we have to leave.  Today Kynlee said I wanna go back to Florida, and Tate said, I never wanted to leave:)  To be perfectly honest, I agreed!!  But, that’s why vacation is so much fun, you don’t get to do it all the time.

Before I left I told you we had a few things in the making.  One of them being a cute little guest house!!  We had this little garage that is close to the house that was quite cute from the outside but more non-functioning than we would have liked.  The tresses came down to about 6 feet so we couldn’t fit our van or truck in it.  The last six months it has stored tools and kids toys.  But…ever since we moved here I had big plans for that cute little shed…and amazingly my hubby agreed to them!!  Miracles do happen:)

My parents come quite a bit to visit…we are spoiled.  I have 2 sisters that live out of state…and I love to entertain!  I have always wanted to have a place where people could stay if they wanted to visit, get refreshed, need a break…any of the above:)  Therefore, we needed a guest house!  Now I must put a disclaimer on it that it will not have a bathroom or kitchen, but it does have a sidewalk with a 10 yard walk to the downstairs bath and kitchen:)

So, lets get started.   Here’s what she looked like when we first started ripping and tearing.  And by we I mean my father-in-law.  He is amazing and has done all of the work so far.  What a sweetie!!

Okay, so I always take pictures too late and realized I don’t have a great “before” so here it is in a snow storm…ahh!!  But, you can see the garage door that was a bit of a death trap and the rest of the garage.

Here’s the view from inside looking out the garage door…

and one from looking in…

That’s the old garage door laying on the ground:)

You can tell here how low the ceiling used to be..

So…what’s happened so far??  Well the biggest change is taking out the garage door and replacing it with a window my parents gave us when they replaced theirs in their house.

I also had to mention that we got the siding for free from a house my brother-in-law was working on.  Good ole’ father-in-law went dumpster diving for us to save us 100 bucks! :)  As for the cement blocks on the sides, I’m gonna paint them white and put planters in front of them.  We are also gonna add shutters and lights on the sides of the window and some day I’d love a window box!

Then we raised the ceiling to 9 feet, high enough for me to have a chandelier…which about created world war three for this family:)

What fun character!!

And the last thing we did was add a window on the east wall.  It really helped to brighten it up and gives a good view of the cute lake in the distance!

Again…another free window from my parents…here’s the view from the outside…

If you’ve noticed..all of our outside toys and junk have now lost their home…we’ll have to figure out where those are going to go:)

We also had to replace these single pane windows and my brother-in-law just happened to have some windows that fit almost perfect!!  Cute little double hungs:)

So, what do we still need to do???

Well, see that door there?? It’s a mini me.  You have to step down and duck to get in it.  We already have a door that’s full glass to let more light in but it’s too big, so the plan is to add a little awning.  When Ry told me this I about kissed him!! I Love it when we have to do things that I love:) I hoping we can do something kinda like this…


See that cute little roof over the door?? Something like that but we will have wood posts angled back and 45 degrees instead of coming straight down.

I thought I’d give you a better idea of where the little guest house is located.  Pretty soon once we have sheetrock and heating and cooling, and maybe a little landscaping..she’ll be open for business:)

I honestly mean that anyone is welcome!!  So if you are ever in the area…let us know:)


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15 thoughts on “A Guest House!!!!”

  1. i have to tell you my mother alerted me to your blog…..this is my aunt and uncle’s former house……i have many fond memories of holidays spent with family there……….also, my decorating tastes run similar and i am impressed with what you’ve done thus far………keep at it

  2. I have loved all of your renovations (house prior and now the farmhouse [which I really love since I grew up on a farm]) and your vision for each project. I’m excited to see how your garage-to-guest-house turns out!

    1. Heidi, thank you so much!! It’s so fun to hear all of the country folk out there:) We are loving the setting and having fun with all of the possibilities of living on a little hobby farm!! Thanks for the comment!

  3. All of your makeovers so far have been amazing so i’m sure this one will be too!! i can’t wait to see it all done & cute!

  4. What an adorable guest house! I love being in Florida but the snow did look appealing – I used to live up North. The guest house will be a perfect getaway for your family. Who knew you could do so much with that space – great job! And what a lovely farmhouse, truly an idyllic setting.

  5. Allie, we have never met, but I’ve been reading your posts since you moved to your new farmhouse. I am so like you and enjoy most of the same things! The major difference is that my husband and I own and operate a dairy farm and that, taking care of my kids and my home, and serving at our church takes up most of my time. I have wanted a guest house for years because of all the out of town family and friends that visit, but an opportunity like this has not presented itself yet! I am so appreciative of your ideas! Keep them coming!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Melissa:) That was the beautiful thing about all of these wonderful outbuildings we got when we bought an old farm:) My grandpa owned a dairy farm and truly respect what you and your hubby do, that is a lot of hard work! I can see where there would be no time left over! I hope you can find a little building to create a guest house as well:) Hopefully this one takes shape, it’s wont be amazing but it will be fun!!:)

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