A Kitchen Make-Under

I know…a kitchen make-under from me??  Crazy huh?  Well, here’s the deal, after completely changing the color scheme of one room, there is kind of a snowball effect.  All of a sudden my green was too bright to go with my more subdued colors in the living room.  Of course I knew my hubby would roll his eyes at me and say “really?” since I just painted this area about a year ago…but if it drives a girl crazy, something has to be done.  I was actually paint shopping with a great friend, looking for colors, when I found one I liked.  Little did I know it was the same color we used to paint her cabinets.  She was buying an extra gallon for touch up and trim paint, and said I could use some for my walls, since I really only had 1 full wall to cover.  In turn, she loved my green, and asked if she could use some of that for her entryway.  Ta-Dah…the great paint swap!  Ingenious if I do say so myself.  We both got new paint colors at no cost…the hubby can’t be too mad about that.

So I found my opportunity one night when Ry was gone turkey hunting.  I had my cousin help me move the hutch, took down the curtains, and about 2 hours later my make-under was complete!

Here’s the before…

You can’t see a ton of the green, but you get the picture.  Fun color, just struggling with the new decor.

And the after…

If you caught it I also took the damask fabric off of my shades.  Trying to lighten it up a bit and break away from the black/white color scheme.  I’m aiming for more of a cottagey feel, maybe someday I’ll get new chairs and paint the hutch again.  Maybe.  Sidenote:  Ryan didn’t even notice I had painted the room.  He sat in there and ate and never even noticed.  I had to tell him later that night.  Lesson learned: Don’t get mad when he doesn’t notice my new hair do or clothes…some men really just don’t notice:)

I want to fill my hutch with all cream/white dishes…but it will happen slowly.  I’m hoping to find most of them garage saleing and thrifting.

Have you spotted the changes??


I’ll tell you what..I had the happiest husband the day I took down the kitchen window treatment.  Do your husbands freak out about windows being covered up as much as mine??  Love you baby!  You’d think he did dishes all day long looking out that window with how excited he was.  I did like the look, but I must admit, there is a ton more light in our kitchen now.  Surprise..it’s cloudy again today and it’s not even that dark in here.  (A little, sorry for the picture quality!)  Anywho, to say it was worth it was an understatement.  He felt like he was being heard for a small sacrifice on my part.  I also ditched the damask plates and plate rack if you noticed:)

So that’s it…a small little make-under that blends the kitchen a little bit better with the rest of the house.

Happy Monday everyone!


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6 thoughts on “A Kitchen Make-Under”

  1. Morgan Traynor

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your makeovers! I only WISH I was as creative…but sadly, I’m not.

    P.S. Kyle and I are hoping to move into a new house soon…and we’ve both talked about having you be our interior decorator! Oh yes! We’ll keep in touch…

  2. We do not have ANY window treatments. Hubby is TOTALLY AGAINST them. I haven’t gone ahead and done any on my own yet, but it’s coming!! Cross your fingers for me! And I LOVE the brightness of everything!

  3. Good job, Allie! I liked it before but I like it even more now! I love the look of big, open windows..it lets so much light in!

  4. Love the new look Allie! The kitchen is so bright and crisp. Great way to show us how to redo a room for no or little cost :)

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