My sister-in-law had an old upholstered rocker that she was getting rid of and asked if I would be interested.  At first glance the rocker seemed like she needed lots of love, the pattern was out of date and the the fabric was starting to rip.  But, with a  little love I knew that the shape was great, the structure was solid, and it was very comfy.  Plus, it was on rockers which would be perfect for a babe, and the real selling point?? It was free!  And after looking into upholstered rockers like these…



that retail from $750-$1300, free was good.

So here she is before her makeover….

photo (40)

The shape is great!

And here’s a sneak peek of her now in our bedroom…

Stump table

Okay, that’s your teaser:)

Upholstered rocker

Doesn’t look too much different from the $1000 one does it??  I slipped her in white twill, and m little secret is that I love using IKEA white curtains for the fabric.  It seems to lay nicer than duck cloth you can buy at Jo-anns, and it ends up being just as cheap, if not cheaper.  I buy the grommet drapes.  I added a little flirty skirt as well since our room is feeling a little masculine these days:)  I did the ottoman awhile back but she fits well with the rocker.


I’ve got a bunch more pics to show you of our somewhat “remodeled” bedroom….which now includes a crib! Yay!! and if you didn’t notice the newest stump addition to the family, I’ll give you one more look.  She’s my favorite yet:)

stump table


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9 thoughts on “A ROCKER FOR BABY”

  1. Seeing how you have used stumps in your home has made me stump crazy! I even asked for (and received a couple) for my birthday! Any chance you could show more about how you made this stump table? I LOVE how it looks with the legs. Perfect.

    1. Yay!! I love stumps too!! Hopefully I’ll explain a bit more later! To get you going all I did was sand it down til I liked the color of the wood, put 4 coats of polycrilic on it, and then screwed the legs in from IKEA! Super simple!!:)

  2. Just thinking about the parallel in this…We often view ourselves like the outdated, ripped, needing a facelift type of chair, but God sees us with His loving eyes as the beautifully cleaned up chair with a purpose that He created us for. That’s one of the things I love most about refurbished items, because it reminds me of what Christ did for me. Just had to share…

  3. Allie, It is beautiful !! And more than sure you will enjoy it even more once a that SWEET baby arrives !:)

    In Christ,
    Susan Howard
    South Carolina :)

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