A Shelf, A Backsplash, and Cafe Curtains

As if I don’t switch things up enough for the hubby, I decided to work on the kitchen a little bit more.  I pinned this picture from Pinterest and fell in love.

I thought, hey…I have a window over my sink, with a farm house light and room for a shelf.  It was perfect!  So, a couple of weeks later I went to Ikea and purchased a shelf and 2 brackets.  I kind of liked how the shelf looked without brackets, but I didn’t know how to go about doing that with it holding some weight.  I was excited about this idea because I thought if I painted the shelf in the same sharkey gray as the cabinets, then the open cabinets would even seem more intentional:)

So, the shelf went up one afternoon when the hubby was at work.  (always the best time to do projects:)  As did some curtains….as did a chalkboard back splash.

Ry told me the weathers gotta warm up soon so I can start working outside.  He said he’s not going to recognize his own home pretty soon:)  Gotta keep them on their toes!

So…the reveal!

Here’s the before that I just recently showed you…


and the after…


I’m kinda loving it.  The shelf was only $13 with the 2 brackets, and yet I think it makes such a big statement.


and the chalk board back splash is so fun to decorate:)  I love how the white pops on the dark.  Little sidenote–the shelf is level, the window is not:)  There’s all sorts of fun optical illusions like that in a 100 year old house:)


I’m also quite in love with this little cafe curtain


I love the satin nickel spring rod I found at Walmart.  You can’t see it in the pictures, but the ends have a nice decorative finish, much nicer than the plastic caps most of them come with.  And it was only $10.  The curtains themselves (as well as the little hooks)  are actually from Ikea as well…they are tea towels!  I had to hem a couple of stripes off and that was it…how easy  That was actually my friends idea, thanks Em!


Since I moved the pitchers on the shelf, I put the original buckets back on the rod system, from Ikea.  Add a few fake greens and it’s starting to look a bit springy in here.


The open shelving side has won over the pantry side for me:)


The back splash painted on in a couple of hours.  I’m gonna tell you a little secret for all of you fellow impatient diy-ers like myself….I never allow the recommended dry time for paint.  I usually start the 2nd coat as soon as I’m done with the first.


I taped off my cabinets and counters with blue painters tape, grabbed my can of chalkboard paint from the closet, and painted 3 coats.


After the last coat was dry to touch, I used the side of the chalk to rub it all over (priming the paint) and then took a dry wash cloth to rub it in.  This helps to give it the chalkboard look instead of just a black paint look.

The can says to wait 24 hours to use chalk.

I say I don’t think so.

I’ve never ruined it….so it’s our little secret:)


Just in case you don’t know it’s fruit in the bowl, don’t fret!  You can label it:)


So for literally $30, this room got (yet another) mini makeover:)



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27 thoughts on “A Shelf, A Backsplash, and Cafe Curtains”

  1. Hi Allie,
    I love your kitchen! Or I guess, I should say your whole house. You defiently know what you are doing. :)
    Could you please tell me where you got your pitchers from and also where your white canisters with the numbers came from that are sitting on the counter? I would love something like those.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks so much Becky, you are sweet:) The pitchers are from Home Goods. I saw them one day and thought they were too cute to pass up. Also, the canisters I got from a friend at her garage sale, I just added the numbers. They are vinyl numbers I ordered from Lean the Graphics Queen. She has a blog, I’m pretty sure you could google her:) I do think I’ve seen similar canisters at Walmart actually….just not sure if they came in white…maybe online??:) Hope that helps and thanks for the sweet comment!

  2. Stephanie Donelson

    Hi there! I am so in love with your home and what you have done with it!
    I have a question about your paint choices – do you use the actual Martha Stewart paint or do you have the colors mixed in Behr (or whatever brand) paint? Thank you!!!

  3. Two questions:
    1. What kind of camera are you using to take all of these pictures? They are so sharp and crystal clear!
    2. We need to meet and become friends so I can invite you to my house and you can tell me how to make it pretty like yours. Ok, that wasn’t a question, more of a statement. But, seriously… you do gorgeous work! Are you going to start a consulting business where you are hired to go into people’s homes and tell them what to do? I’d buy. :)

    1. So sweet….love the statement:) I just got a canon rebel t3i. Nothing too fancy, but a huge upgrade from the point and shoot:) I’ve stayed away from the consulting for now, maybe someday:)

  4. what a great idea with the chalkboard paint! I found your website while googling “sharkey grey cabinets” I smiled when I saw the name, I have a picture of proverbs 31 in my bathroom. I am curious. While I am really diging the idea of chalkboard behind the sink, how has it held up with water, cleaners etc? also, what color did you use on the rest of the wall and the others?

    1. The chalkboards held up great! I have Martha Stewarts Gull on the wall in the kitchen and Martha Stewarts Milk in the living room and family room.

  5. Hello, help I am looking for kitchen Curtians that has Christian theme on them ! could someone please tell me a site I can go to !

  6. Love seeing what you’re up to, Allie! Were the towel cafe’ curtains my sister’s idea? The chalkboard paint is adorable! Emma recently texted me pics of the cute pillows you guys made at her house. They turned out great! Glad to see you are doing well out there…all of you are in my prayers!

    With love,

    1. It was Em:) Shes got some fun ideas! It was fun to have a crafting day other there:) She always comments on how I’d love to see your house:) Thanks so much for the prayers!! xoxo

  7. LOVE the kitchen!! Love your whole house! I am looking for ideas for my kitchen right now….might have to show the hubby this one!

  8. I came across your blog as I was searching for wedding photographers (Sarah Pollio) and have been hooked ever since. You are truly an inspiration for how to live life, raise children, walk with the Lord, and be a woman. I admire your courage through the hard times and love your sense of self. Thank you so much for being real and allowing others into your home. I look forward to visiting Whimsy Green in April and meeting you. Also, your decorating is amazing and my fiance often asks me if I came up with my decorating on my own or found it online…of course it is online! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

  9. It looks beautiful! I love it and perfect for spring! I have to ask – where did you get the farmhouse light above the sink? Looking forward to the Whimsy Green sale next month! Happy Easter to you and your family.

    1. Thanks Amanda! I actually ordered it through my sister who works in the lighting department at a Ferguson showroom. I know they have a couple in the cities, but I cant remember the brand of it. I have some seen cute school house style pendants though at Home Depot, which are quite reasonable in price too! Hope that helps:)

  10. I really love your kitchen! I am not brave enough to have open shelving, but do love the idea to have a chalkboard paint backsplash:) Can’t help but notice it looks like you use Melaleuca dish soap. I love the laundry detergent, Pre-spot, and dryer sheets as well as the dishwasher detergent from Melaeuca:)

    1. Thanks Heidi! It’s actually the natural line at Target (I’m a sucker for good labeling:) but I’ve heard Melaleuca is great stuff:)

  11. I love your “new” kitchen. You make these makeovers look so easy. I pray you have a wonderful Easter. :)

  12. downthelanegirl

    Ran across your site when you linked to Miss Mustard Seed’s Friday party…and I have been obsessed since last Friday. Absolutelylove what you have done with your house. What vision! Of course I had to go back and read all your posts. I did not expect to read such an incredible testimony for Christ. Your touching posts concerning your angel baby have been on my mind since I read them. I was drawn by your decorating style and captured by your testimony! I smiled and nodded in agreement as you told your “camping” experience when you first bought the farm house. My husband and I built our house when we were much younger. We moved in when we had the walls and roof up. I remember telling people we moved into a wooden tent. That was many years ago and just recently sold the house an dmoved into our little vacation cottage. Life changes…things change…health can change…but, God never changes! He is good every day! God bless you and your beautiful family.

  13. loooooove this mini-make over! I love your whole house! Such an inspiration! I want you to come decorate my house!!! You’re theee best!!! :D

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