And it only took 3 years!!

So here’s the deal, the other night for Ryan’s birthday we went out to the usual man stores, Gander Mountain and Scheels…and I lovingly asked him if we could stop off at another somewhat man store, the Home Depot, to get some paint to paint my bed.  I always try to pick opportune times to ask these questions, times  when Ryan is in a good mood, love you babe:)  He said sure, but before you paint the bed you should really fill in the nail holes and give the trim a fresh coat of paint. See, we move in 3 years ago, took off all the trim and sprayed it white, and then nailed it back on.  Since then we have never filled the nail holes and freshened up the trim, and by we I mean me:)  This  is a job that I really didn’t appreciate because 1.)  there was no immediate change, I mean sure…it looks all fresh and new but no drastic difference.  2.)  Because no one else would notice this strenous task besides myself.  I’m pretty sure Ry wouldn’t have realized if I wouldn’t have had the blue tape still on the floor when he came home.  and 3.)  It is a stinky job!!  I’ll show you what I mean.

First of all taping the floors and wall off take more time than the actual painting.  Thank you that my husband works at 3M and we can get painters tape cheap!

Also, you have to move everything off of the walls to get it all.  I did contemplate being lazy and only painting up til pieces of furniture…but my conscious got the best of me:)

And lastly because you have to be on your hands and knees the whole time while painting.  Not a fun position to be in.  But, there was an incentive in mind, and with that incentive….I got it done in 1 day.  I know..the daunting task seemed too overwhelming for 3 years and then when I actually did it, it only took me one day.

So, the nail holes are filled and the trim is painted….so bring on the bed!!  I actually just finished it yesterday and got it back together.  Like I said, when it’s a fun project I waste no time:)  Check back Friday and see how it looks, I absolutely love it!!

Are there any daunting tasks you’ve been avoiding??


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8 thoughts on “And it only took 3 years!!”

  1. Molly Vesperman

    You inspire me SO much! I love your motivation to get things done…now, if you could somehow transport that to me, I would get a lot done at home, too! :) Keep up the awesome blogging.

  2. Ugh I do not like painting! It is so nice when it is done but during it, it’s no fun! I absolutely love that black corner hutch thing you have….I have been searching for somethign similar.

  3. Yes! My 3 missed matched peices of furniture in my living room. I know they would look 100X better painted but I just can’t get myself to try to do it. It seems so overwhelming and difficult. I am amazed at how you paint everything like it just dusting it off. Someday (hopefully) they will be pretty!

  4. I have nail holes to fill in too – throughout the whole house, but mine is all wood…so no paint touch up. We have been sloooowly working on our house since 2006. Kitchen is finished, but could use a little touch up paint. Dining room needs to have the window trim fully nailed on. Entry way door…oh! Any ideas? It’s white on white. I don’t think I want to paint that wall…but maybe do something with the door. Do you know of any treatments??

  5. Kristine Birkholz

    Hey Allie…You have inspired me to look at some of my old furniture and do a little “updating”. We just for the 1st time in almost 18 years purchased new bedroom furniture (and it all matches:) So we are going to give our old furniture to Brenden for his bedroom. It is a very dark wood finish, but am thinking of painting it either white or tan…I know that I am going to sand it down and put new hardware on it, but Jon was asking me if there was some type of specific paint that I should be using?? I said I didn’t know, but know who I should ask!!! Can you please help me?? I am also thinking of doing the “destressing”. You have put the “redo the old to make it look new” bug in me!! Thanks also for all your wonderful wisdom and marriage, kids and life!! I love, love, love your blogs!!!!


    1. Kristine,
      First of all thanks so much for reading! What a honey! I’m so glad that you are inspired to do some makeovers:) I guess I am actually not the painting pro, I know most of the time I don’t do it the right way…maybe cause I just want the end result and I want it fast! But, it seems to work for me, also helps that I am not a perfectionist:) So, what I would say to you is that I just painted my bed and I used the Behr ultra paint and primer in one and it worked really well. I got it at Home Depot. I still had to give it three coats, but the finish looks great and very durable. I didn’t even sand any of it down, just started painting! For my other furniture that had more of a shiny top I used the American Accents gray primer from Menards, it worked great. That’s what I did for my dresser. I usually never sand, I hate sanding, and especially if you distress it’s not that big of deal if you get a chip or two. Let me know what you decide, how fun for you!!

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