and we’re in!!!

The day has finally come!  No…we don’t have a kitchen, nope…no flooring, not even trim…but–we do have a roof over our heads, painted walls, and beds!!!  Ahh, it’s the little things in life:)  I primed, painted, painted, and painted some more and finished our 10 and a half foot ceiling bedroom in a day an a half.  Do you think I was motivated?? Just a little:)  Especially since the night before we moved in we had to wake the kids up at 4 a.m. to move them into the house cause a severe storm was coming.  Which meant that mommy got squished between two little ones on a couch with not much sleep.   Do you understand the motivation now??

So, I’m gonna show a couple of pictures, I don’t want to do the “true” reveal until it is completely finished, but here’s a sneak peak as to how the “Lundeen’s” are living life now-a-days!

Whetstone gray by Martha Stewart did win, and I’m really liking the coastal bright feel it’s giving this room.  It warms up at night and looks gray during the day.  If you notice we have 3 beds in this room right now.  A new meaning to the “family bedroom.”  And no, not by choice, but it’s going quite well! 

There’s a tiny peak of the other “cutie-pie” bed in the corner.  It was the first time I got to set it up and put on the bedding since we bought it a year ago.  I can’t wait to put it into a girly pink bedroom and play it up!!  If you notice though, the kids sleep great in here.  I think they are happy to have a little bit of their own space as well.  We are also super happy we opened up the dormer.  It’s amazing how much more light it lets in!

Call my crazy but this is my favorite view of the room.  Not because I’m in love with my rattan porch fan that Ryan thinks is the goofiest thing, or because I just love ceilings, which I kinda do when they are 10 1/2 feet tall, but because when I look up from my bed this is the only completely finshed part of the room, and I can tune out the rest of the room and “pretend” it’s all finished:)

Aside from living in a house that does have exposed walls, dirty floors, orange linoleum and a tinge of bat smell, it’s amazing how adaptive we can be.  Lets be honest, I am not a rough and tough kind of girl.  Camping?? Maybe for a couple of days.  A dirty house usually=driving this girl crazy.  But somehow it works!  Maybe cause I see my kiddos unphased by the life around them.  Maybe because I see my hubby working his tail off to make a good home for us, or maybe cause a home is more about the people than what’s in it.  Don’t get me wrong, I think about how I’m going to decorate everyday…but surprisingly this “experience” has been very enlightening for me.  I pray that I allow God to use it in a way to teach me contentment.  I really do desire that!  I pray I do not take this experience for granted, and I’m excited to share with you a few of the struggles and triumphs that I’ve had along the way!  Thanks for sticking with me:)


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