Back in the Saddle Again…..

I’ve gotten asked if I am done blogging…asked when I’m coming back…asked if the house is livable….asked if I’m insane:)  Well….kinda.  So here’s the blog to clear it all up.  No, I’m not done blogging, I’m coming back tonight, the house is livable and yes…I am a little insane!!

The fact is is that it was just a little too much for me…and if you lived in my surroundings the last 6 months you’d understand.  I’m sure most of you already to understand.  But, I needed to take a break for my sanity.  It was just too much trying to keep up with the blogging world while  diy-ing our WHOLE house, being a mom, wife, friend, etc etc…I’m sorry I left you all hanging, but I’m happy to say that I’m back, and I’m back with a lot of material!!

I must admit though, once leaving the blogging world I have gotten out of the blogging mind, weird, I know.  I thought where in the world do I even start???  There is so much to talk about but yet so much unfinished!!  So tonight I thought I’d just tease you a bit.  Mean…I know.  2 reasons.

1.)  I have completely switched my Christmas decor this year and want to show you what I’ve done before it is March, and…

2.)  My house is way way way further than the last I’ve showed you, but I still need a little bit of time to pull a few  more things together.

So, you will get little “glimpses” in the background of the final reveal that I intend on doing again on Makeover Madness Fridays…you know, keep you coming back!

Again, I know…I’m so mean, and you’d think I’d be doing this to get something from you or someone else by you checking me out but it’s not true…I get nothing, except the fun encouraging comments I read and hear about.  Keeps me going:)

First I’m going to show you some of my Christmas pictures from last year.  I love Christmas.  Yep, pretty much love.  Like it’s my favorite  holiday EVER!!  Not only is it my Saviors birthday, which I do try to keep at the top of my priorities, but also there are so many traditions, memories, and family time that come along with it.  And my mom did up Christmas!!  And she still does!  Her house is covered from top to bottom and looks AMAZING!!  Talented lady.  So this girl tries to follow suite.  In our old house I loved the fun loving, playful red and green Christmas.  Here are some pics to prove it!

Sorry for the poor lighting!!

Our Charlie Brown Christmas trees we get from Ryan’s family land up North.  I’m kinda in love with them as well:)

Over the sink, the more balls the better!!:)


some fun Christmas pillows in the entry

So that was the fun Christmas.  Maybe a little more exciting for the children:)  This year will all of my grays I really wanted to do more of a elegant, natural Christmas.  A little less flashy:)  Although I still do love the reds and greens!  Here’s a sneak peek of a little of what’s going on over here:)

The new color scheme…I”m loving the mercury glass this year!!

**Sidenote–The Christmas tree is from the dollar store and the pine cone is from Walmart, 97 cents.  Also the candle stick holders I bought at the end of last year at 75% off for $4!  Don’t underestimate your local dollar store and Walmart!!:)

A little more natural.  Another tip, Michaels runs all of their ribbon 70% off on black Friday.  That’s when I usually stock up.  Otherwise ribbon can throw a big kink (sp?) in your budget:)

Another Charlie Brown tree!  I bought 2 yards of Burlap to use as my tree skirt this year and am loving it, even though it’s mostly covered up by presents now.  Another disclaimer: This tree is so much prettier at night, not to talk it up at all:)

Does this piece look familiar??  Black turned gray.  Filled with my Goodwill white dishes.  Sparkled up with a little peace and twinkle lights, so soothing:)

Another close-up

A cozy little nook in the old entry!

The pitcher makes a triumphant return:)  And by the way, who put that runner on there without ironing it?? Lazy girl..I would never do such a thing:)

One thing I wanted to say about changing the whole theme of your Christmas decor.  I was lucky to have picked up quite a bit of things at the end of last season, I made the dollar store my friend…and I sold most of my red and green on our local on-line garage sale and made good money.  Money that I set aside to go this year after Christmas and add to my new decor:)

So that’s it for tonight.  I know, I bet some of you are a bit dissapointed that there weren’t any before and afters…but trust me.  THEY ARE COMING!!  And after looking at some of my last posts I truly realize just how much it has changed!! And I’m so excited to share it with you!!


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3 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again…..”

  1. Loved the blog Allie! So happy to have you back! Always puts a smile on my face!
    Welcome Back! The hose looks great by the way! Love the decor. The garland and bulbs you had hanging in your old house above your kitchen window did you make that or buy it??

    1. Hey Nicole:) The garland above the sink I made. It was actually a pretty cheap piece of garland, I hung it up with some hooks, (the hubbies love that) and then added balls and ornaments like crazy!! The more the merrier:):) That would look cute above your sink!!

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