Before & After…The Bathroom

Today I’m gonna show you possibly my favorite room in the house.  And it’s my bathroom.  Is that weird?!?  It’s not even that I got an amazing claw foot tub or theres a coffee pot and flat screen tv in there.  It’s simply that I just love how it turned out.  Maybe because I can take the most ownership of this room.  I tiled the floor myself, yikes!  (You can read about that here if you want to)  and I found a $5 dresser that I turned into a vanity that I love!  It’s all the little things:)  And it is one of the brightest rooms in the house.  Always a plus.  Okay, so first and foremost we’ll start with a before of the beauty:)

and after…

and before…

Don’t you love the mini shower?? I do have a great memory taking one shower in here with 2 kiddos who were fighting over the hand wand, because seriously…how cool are those when you are 2, and Ryan manning the upper level in his boxers and boots on bat patrol.  Oh, a gun also.  I’m pretty sure he killed 3 bats during that shower.  I don’t know how clean I got that night?!?

and after…

If you said wow, that looks different, it’s because it does:)  We moved the shower to the other wall, cut out the old slanted roof line so we could stand straight, and moved the door over.  Just a few changes:)  Not quite enough though to buy me enough space for my claw foot tub:)

So, for those of you who are new to this journey, I found the dresser that Ryan converted into a vanity at a garage sale for $5.  It looked like this when I bought it.

Notice the matching hardware:)  And it had initals carved in the top as well.  I sanded that puppy down to the wood and painted it up in Sharkey Gray, just like my cabinets.  I added 3 coats of a clear polyurethane to the top so it wouldn’t get water stains and ta-da…a new vanity!!

I do so love her:)

and this is the view I wake up to in the morning from my bed.  Some may wonder why I dont’ keep the door closed, since it’s a walk through bathroom, but there are 2 reasons.  1.)  It lets in a lot more light, and 2.)  this is what hides behind the door…

This area was supposed to get framed in for a closet, but somehow it got overlooked.  So I’d love to find something like this to put there someday..

but until we can afford it that day comes, the door stays open..

Isn’t that handy.  Don’t worry, we do shut it when visitors come over:)

Here are a few more peeks of the room…

I am in LOVE with this rug.  I just got it:)  My friend actually scored it from Home Goods but unfortunately (haha) it didn’t fit:(  Sad days, works great here!!  Love ya Sarah:)

I was also on the lookout for a basket to hold towels in for in here.  But the only ones I could find that were big enough for $30-$50.  Ouch!  So the Lord was gracious to me and shined his light down on this cutie at a garage sale for $2!! Goodness He knows I love a good deal!!  I added a little chalkboard sign from Michaels for another $3 and it’s good to go!

Have you found any good deals lately?? I’d love to hear about them!!  :)


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