Before & After…The Living Room

Alright, back to a makeover blog.  I must admit, with all of the prep for Whimsy Green, the house has taken second fiddle.  But sometimes that’s okay.  It’s nice to have a little break now and then:)  So, this is the way the living room has been for quite a while now…and I’m still looking for some fun pieces to really make her come to life:)  But, let’s take a trip back into memory lane for the befores…

and after….

We absolutely loved the big picture window they put in on the west wall in this room.  It makes for some beautiful sunsets!!


and after…

My sister-in-law graciously let us use her tv armoire.  She even let me paint it for the time being:)  So, for now our tv is stored in that.  Someday I would love to find a rustic wood piece to store it, add a little warmth to the room!

I got these little cuties on an online auction.  Not quite sure if they are staying or going:)  One or two of them might just end up in Whimsy Green.  Really thinking I just want some slipcovered chairs here.  Surprise!

And a little green to top it off.  Easy and cheap decor idea.  The old book is actually a dictionary underneath and then I covered another book I had with some old sheet music.  Add  a pop of green and you’re good to go:)

So, we still have to finish our transition between the carpet and the flooring, and maybe hang some stuff on the the walls someday, but other than that…this room has kept us quite cozy:)


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6 thoughts on “Before & After…The Living Room”

  1. tracy grabowska

    Hi there, I love looking at your blog seeing your creative ideas. What color is on your walls, plain white? And, how are you able to keep your drapes staying white with kids? :)

    1. My walls in the kitchen are Martha Stewart gull, and in the living room are Martha Stewart “Milk.” Also, my drapes by the front door get a bit dirty, but they wash up well:):) I guess there are a few consequences to loving white:)

  2. Love it! Looks so fresh and bright. Where did you get the coffee table? I need one that size and love the style of this one! Thanks!!

    1. Thanks Mary!! That was actually an auction buy…so not quite sure where to get one?? It did help to open our space up a bit though, even though glass is kind of a bugger to clean with kiddos:)

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