Alright, I gave you a sneak peek earlier but I have given our bedroom a face lift and haven’t shown it in awhile.  I also haven’t done it as a complete before and after to show you how far it has really come.

I have fallen into the navy craze along with a lot of the blog world, and thought the bedroom would be a great place to pull it in.  It’s brought a little bit more of a masculine feel to our room which does the hubby a “little” more justice:)  He has to put up with a lot after all;)

So, here’s a before picture of our bedroom…


and after….

master bedroom

We had added the row of closets on the right and took out the master closet they had on the other side of the room.  The little window you see on the before is now between our clothes closet and the laundry closet.  It’s in an awkward spot but is nice to have some natural light in the closets!  We also raised the ceilings an additional 3 feet to bring some height to the room, especially since it was just wasted attic space above.





We also moved the mini door over after we added the closests and made it a full size door so we didn’t have to duck every time we went in:)  You can see above the right corner is a big box that used to be their master closet, now it’s our baby corner!!

gender neutral crib

We also opened up a dormer that was that just for aesthetic purposes.  We put in a new window and it brought in so much more light to the room since there were only two small windows in the room to start with.

gender neutral crib

I created a canopy by taking a hoop ring for embroidery and sewing on two curtain panels from Ikea.  I actually cut one panel in half since I didn’t need it quite so thick, and mostly because I only had one and I didn’t want to buy another set:)

butterfly mobile

I also got this super cute butterfly mobile from my sister.  She made it for Whimsy and praise the Lord it didn’t sell cause I didn’t realize how perfect it would be in this space!

butterfly mobile

Yeah, you heard me..she made it ya’ll!

butterfly mobile

She used old book pages, antiqued them, and hung them from a thin wire to a hoop.

And when I told her I think I needed to buy it…she said it was her gift to peanut:):)

butterfly mobile

This corner is still going to get a mini dresser or something for storage and a bit of decor on the walls, but for now I’m ready for baby:)

master bedroom

And heres a long shot of the rocker.

stump table

with my stump table that cost me $16 because of the legs I bought at Ikea.


and if I didn’t love the antlers enough I decided to showcase them a bit more:)


Now it’s a work of art….good job babe!


View from the bathroom.


I’ll keep you posted on any new baby updates!  Here’s the latest instagram I posted at 34 weeks preggers.

photo (41)

I can’t believe we are only 5 weeks out now…and if peanut is anything like Tate or Kynlee hopefully he/she comes a week or two early!:)

My cravings lately are for ice water!!  WITH……essential oils Citrus fresh


Seriously, for a girl that doesn’t usually like water I just can’t get enough.  I put 2 drops in my cup and I love love love it.  I crave it even more than cherry coke, which for those of you who know me know that’s a big deal:)  And it’s supposed to cleanse you and give you clarity of thought…not sure if the clarity of thought is working with preggo brain, but nonetheless, I love it:)


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  1. How are you able to always have white bedding with kids and pets? Or does it not stay clean and I just don’t see that in photos ;)

    1. Haha, well it’s just in our room and the kids can’t eat in our room, so they usually aren’t a problem, and we don’t let the pets up on the bed. So it actually does stay quite white:):)

  2. Love it! As the wife of a hunter, I love the antlers! Did you make the duvet cover? Or where can one find it?? :)

  3. I love your bedspread! Can I ask where its from? I have almost the same shower curtain from West Elm but didn’t know they had a matching bedspread if its from there. Thank-you!

    1. Thanks Jackie! The bedspread is from Pottery Barn, as well as the shower curtain, and I actually snagged both of them off of eBay for over half off!:)

    1. Thanks! The crib skirt and sheet are from land of nod and the bumper is from ikea. The Pom Pom pillow is PB teen. Thinking I need to find a snuggly stuffed animal to put in there!:)

  4. Hi! :) The room looks great! I love your blog and your style! Was wondering where you got your rocker and footstool? It’s really cute. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Megan! Actually if you read my post before this one it answers all of your questions. The rocker was a hand me down that I made a slip cover for and the ottoman was a $5 garage sale find that I slipped as well! Hope that helps:)

  5. Wow. It’s amazing how far that room has come! Doesn’t even look like the same building! I’m moving into an old farmhouse next week (rental), and have gotten permission to make as many improvements as I wish, so I’m going gung ho on as much as I can with my little corner. This has given me inspiration! Thanks, Allie!

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