Before & After…The Master Bedroom

Okay, I know I haven’t done a makeover in awhile…and it’s mostly because I’ve been stalling.  I have all these little projects I want to get done but they just aren’t magically doing it themselves!  Imagine that!  So, I figured heck with it.  It’s more fun to show updates anyhow right?

So, onto the master we go.  I must say this room had one of the most dramatic changes, from the low ceilings to the nice high ceilings, and the false dormer to a now open one.  And from a lot of broken up closets to an open feel.  Back to memory lane we go to see the before..

and after..

I always forget what angle I took first and wished I would have taken the exact same angle for the after, but by the time I realize it I’m a little too lazy to go back and take another one.   Sorry!! The small window in the before is now in our clothes closet:)  That whole wall got covered by 2 big closets.  The one of the left is for our clothes, and the one on the right is our laundry area.  I would have shown you a pic with the doors open had I not revealed earlier my deep dark secret of disorganization:)

So again, here’s one more before…

and after..

again…not the same angle.  Sorry!! In the before the wood paneling you see on the right hand side was a big walk in closet that led up to the attic.  We opened that all up and used the attic space for our vaulted ceilings which are at 11 feet high.  We also added above storage that you can see quite nicely since the doors aren’t on them quite yet:)  My father-in-law made some nice tongue and groove doors that we are adding barn door hinges on and hopefully they will get up in the semi-near future:)

Here’s the now open dormer window..

I love the light it brings into the room since there were only 2 smaller windows to start with.  It also is a nice little cozy reading nook..

and if you notice the 3M box in the background, no…I’m not advertising for the hubbies business:)  Just happens to be some hidden storage at the moment that hasn’t gotten put away in um….4 months.  whoops.

The room has come a long way though, remember when it was one of the first ones sheet rocked and we were soo thankful to have a room to move into with a roof over our heads instead of a pop-up camper?   Back then it looked like this…

The true family bedroom.  And we were so THANKFUL!!  No carpet and all:)

So here’s a few more fun shots of close ups:)

I love trunks, and was so excited when I scored this one at an auction for $35.  I initially thought it would go in Tate’s room til I reassessed the size.  A little big.  I love it at the end of our bed though and works great to store extra pillows and blankets in!

I moved our gallery wall from the stairway in the last house to above my bed in this house.  I have to add a little tack em to get them to all hang level, and there may be a lot some pictures hanging the wrong way still.  whoops.

and I had to find a home for my blue dresser.  She’s tucked in by the door.  I got that awesome gold frame from Ryan’s Grandma after she passed away.  I’m still looking for something to hang in it before I hang it on the wall.

Lastly in case you’re curious I used Martha Stewarts Whetstone Gray on the walls.

I really like how subdued it is.  We get the morning sun and this room is my favorite place to be in the mornings!



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3 thoughts on “Before & After…The Master Bedroom”

  1. Hi!!

    I just recently stumbled upon your blog via a basic web search, and absolutely fell in love with your master bedroom color scheme (pictured here: and )

    Would you mind sharing the two colors you used? The beige and blue? I can’t find those exact shades anywhere, and really want to try to replicate those two in a guest room in my house! I haven’t been able to find the paint colors listed anywhere on the website.

    Thank you + God bless! :)

    1. Hi Molly, thanks for the question:) unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you, sad! That was the last house we owned and i left the paint there. As for the blue I took in one of my pottery barn shams and matched it as close as I could to the porcelain blue in my sham. Again I don’t even have that paint anymore because we found out after storing everything in a shed for a year that paint doesn’t freeze:). Hope you find something, sorry I’m not much help.

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