Big Brother

Sometimes this is what I miss most.

Seeing how my kids interacted with Juliet.

And how much they loved her.

Every morning they would wake up and ask where baby Jules was:)  They were amazing!

Thank you Lord for these precious memories!!


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5 thoughts on “Big Brother”

  1. Sweet Lundeen’s:

    While watching this video with my son, who is three he say’s, “Mom is that the baby that went to see Jesus?” I told him yes. He said, “mommy did her brother love her?” I said ‘yes he sure did!” He said, “OOoh that’s nice, I love my sister too.”

    It’s amazing how the few times I talked about your sweet daughter and showed Alec pictures that he still remembers her sweet face, and her story!

    I was in awe w/how he said, “is that the baby that went to see Jesus?” and not the baby that died…. :) Kids are amazing in SO many ways!!

    Thinking and praying for you guys often!


  2. Oh how very precious, someday he can show his children what a grand baby sister he had who is now looking down on him and smiliing. She was so beautiful, love the fluffy little hair and kissable face.

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