Buying for a House You Know You are Selling

So I kept a little part out of my living room reveal because I was a bit embarrassed….

Ahhh!!! The dreaded BARE wall!!  That and the fact that it still needs another coat of paint cause I ran out and have been lazy and too cheap to buy another gallon! (I did just get some though to spruce it up before the sale:)

So anyway, sometimes even myself  who loves to decorate…runs into problem areas.  I initially thought of doing another gallery wall in here, but once we brought the armoire in I knew it just wouldn’t look right.  Too busy!  Then we found out we were selling and I didn’t want to put any more time or money into it…but I did know of a piece that I have had my eye on that I wanted even for the new house.

She’s a beaut isn’t she??  I found this cutie at IKEA, and orginally thought I would love to replace my dog chewed, cheap k-mart beautiful black chairs in the kitchenette area.  Only problem??  At $80 a pop it would cost me $320 for the set.  Now some may think this is cheap for a set of chairs…and it is if you look for new ones, but for a girl that is sometimes too thrifty, that’s a huge dent in my budget.  Ha, who am I kidding, there is no budget for extras.  So, I used some of my hard earned garage sale money and decided to splurge on one.  For now it could be used in my problem area…and in the new house, possibly a desk chair, at least until I’m able to purchase the other 3!  So, here she is in her glory now…

Since it’s actually a dining chair it was the perfect size to not take up too much room, you know how that goes over with the hubby:)

Still a little bare above it…but not gonna worry about that for the 3 weeks we have left:)

Now if only I could afford 3 more:)

So, someday in the near future you may see it used in a different way…and that’s why I love pieces like this:)

P.S.  For all of you garage sale fans out there, I am a part of another one!  I found a few more things cleaning out closets:)  My sister is having one right off of Hwy 12 in Dassel.  Just turn north by the mushroom hut and follow the signs, its only 1/2 mile off 12 and has great name brand clothes, womens, boys 0-4T, girls 0-2T, and household goods, furniture…little bit of everything!  It’s a great sale, you don’t want to miss it!  It’s open tonight from 3-6, and thur-sat.


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3 thoughts on “Buying for a House You Know You are Selling”

  1. I really like that chair! And I can’t wait to see your new home and what you are going to be doing with it either! Yay! I bet you are even more excited than us though.

  2. 3 weeks! You are moving soon! SO exciting! I cannot wait to see the inside of your new house…it reminds me so much of how ours is set up (from the outside!)

    1. Well then maybe you will have some good ideas for me! We are trying to figure out how we can alter the inside to open it up a bit! Hopefully I’ll be able to post some pics soon:) And yes…we are getting excited to move and get our hands dirty:)

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