The motivation to get stuff done around the house has slowed to a halt.  Not sure if it’s the weather, the weather, or the weather.  I’m pretty sure though that it’s the weather:)  Projects around here require scavenging almost every shed during the process, so getting the motivation to bundle up and head outside for everything I need just seems like too much work.  I have been working on a few projects for our Women’s Retreat coming up at church though and I’d thought I’d show one, cause it’s super fun and super easy.  Win. Win.

I saw this picture on the blog, My Sweet Savannah, and fell in love.  Possibly cause it’s chalkboard:)


I read her blog on how to make it and found out she used the botanical Ikea print she had bought and never hung up, and painted it with chalk paint.

botanical print ikea 2

That was a problem, cause I didn’t have a botanical print, and I think they were more money than I’d choose to spend.  If I remember correctly I think it was around $30.  Granted you’d get 2 chalkboards out of the deal, it still wasn’t as cost effective as I wanted.  That’s when I found this….




It’s currently out of stock, surprise!  But it’s on for $8.80 a yard.    I ordered it and it’s a great product.  1.) You don’t have to paint anything (bonus) 2.)  It’s thick.  3.)  You can cut it to whatever size you want.

So, here’s what I came up with..

Chalk Canvas

I made these smaller than the original ones, they are about 16″x24″.  They work great for the signs we needed for the conference, hence the reason this one says “Discussion Session” :)

They are so easy though.  I started by cutting the fabric to size.  Then I went out to the shed and found a piece of old barnwood.  If you don’t have barnwood, you can use a 1×4 pine piece of wood that you cut in half.  I cut these pieces of wood down to 2″ wide and 16″ long.  I then hot glued the fabric on the back first and then stapled it.

chalk canvas

Then I added jute to the top.  I knotted the ends and hot glued and then stapled above the knot so it couldn’t pull off.

chalk canvas

After that you prime the fabric by rubbing chalk all over it and wiping it with a dry cloth.  This gives it the “worn in look” and then you get to decorate!

chalk canvas

I’m excited to use these again and again and just switch out the chalk art.

chalk canvas

Oh, and I’m going to have some stocked in Whimsy, so if you’d rather buy one than make one…come on over:)

Happy Crafting!  I’m off this weekend for our conference!! I can’t wait!


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