Chalkboard Fun

So I’m loving my chalkboard in my kitchen and love how it’s tucked away in a nice little spot so it’s not so overwhelming…

and I love the chalkboard to do something fun or inspirational on it.  It’s always a great place for scripture, to keep me reminded of our purpose.  But, when Ry’s 30th birthday came, I but up Happy 30th Ryan, and it stayed there for over 2 months.

I do love chalkboards but when they are this big they can be a little overwhelming.  So, when I finally decided that ry’s 30th was truly over, I went searching the internet for something fun to put on it.  That’s when I discovered this over on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog.

I just love a little bit of the shapes mixed with the font, mixed with the pictures:)  So, I ended up coming up with something like this…

Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I’m not an artsy fartsy kind of gal.  I’m more of an arts and crafts kind of gal:)  So, if I see something I like I can usually emulate it in some way….but don’t expect we me to be creating things for pinterest.  Get my point??  But here’s the deal.  It’s okay to copy stuff:)  And anyone who does copy stuff from me I take it as a compliment.  So I hope others would do the same:)  As long as credit is given!!  So, inspiration is all around us and can be found anywhere, we just need to search it out:)

I still love having the scripture in there too.  And I wasn’t quite artsy enough to come up with a picture…but it works!

I also made it the week before Whimsy opened, so it was fun to incorporate that into it as well:)

and the beauty of chalkboard paint is that you can erase and redo, but also little bodies rubbing up against it can smudge:)

Still loving the chalkboard:)  It’s amazing how a unique pop can add so much character.  So take a peek around your house and see if there’s anywhere that you can add one…or we always have lots to sell at Whimsy:)

Also an update that lots of changes are happening around here.  We have gotten our second wind of finishing projects and decorating…so stay tuned to see a guest house update, a new mantle, some new furniture, and fun decor:)  Now to find the time:):)


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