Christmas Chalkboard Art

I decided after having my chalkboard look the same for the last 6 months, that it was time to change it up…and what better time than Christmas to do it.  It’s pretty much free decorating, and oh how I love that!

You need to know now that I am by no means an artist…I do not have that creative bug.  I am a crafter.  I find ideas I like and copy them.  Shocking…I know.  So, when I went to change my chalkboard the first thing I did was google Christmas chalkboard art..I told you I wasn’t creative.  It’s amazing all the fun sayings and fonts you find when you do that.  So, I found a saying I liked and then modified it to fit my area.  I also knew I wanted to incorporate a wreath into it…so I do use my huge supply of creativity to “tweak” :)

Here’s how it looks in the room….

I hung the wreath by just drilling in a screw to the sheet rock to hang on.  I’ll worry about patching later:)  Next year I may have to use a command strip…I hear 3M makes some good ones:)

and last one…

I made a new skirt for my sink as well, I had a shower curtain from our last house that I found and thought it would bring in some festive red!

While I was at my friends house she asked if I would do some chalkboard art on a door they have painted…here’s how her’s turned out…

That’s what we do on our play dates..what do you do on yours:)


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