Oh I’m finally getting my act together over here and got my house clean enough to snap a few photos, and really…in a bloggers reality, that means moving the “piles” from one spot to another, just out of view of the camera;)  Just so you all know we are human to and we really DO live in our houses.  No, they are never not always picture ready.  Shh…..don’t tell!:)

So, this is the one time of year I start to get all sweaty and nervous and excited, not because Christmas is my FAVORITE HOLIDAY!! But because it’s the only time of year that I actually….(gasp) bring color into my house!! I mean BOLD color.  Color so bright sometimes it makes me second guess it.  But, I grew up in a super traditional house where Christmas was beautiful with reds and greens, and cozy, and homey, and comfy.  And, well, I just can’t give that up!  Although I’ve seen some amazingly gorgous “glitzy” Christmas’ and some beautiful “woodsy” christmas’, and although at one point this year while decorating I even said next year I’m not doing red, by the end of it I kind of like the change. The “pop” it brings.

So this year not only am I revealing my Christmas, but I’m also showing you the dining room makeover of board and batten and the addition of a buffet instead of the hutch.  So I’ll share my dining and living room with you today, and show you the rest on Friday:)

With no further ado..


There are so many changes in here, it should have been about 10 blog posts, but I’ve been busy, so you’ll see it all now and I’m hoping to break it down after the holidays.


I sold my grey hutch at the last whimsy sale and was able to purchase the mirrors and the dresser for the same price I sold it for.  The dresser was a $10 diy score that got a major makeover, which is one of the things I can’t wait to show you!


If you haven’t noticed, I’m waiting for the hardware to arrive in the mail, but I couldn’t let that stop me from getting a few pics.  The little tree toppers came from my Hubby’s hunting land up north.  I just put them in pots of water, and so far not many needles have dropped!  I also thought I’d join the crave and put a little “hot cocoa” station on the buffet….


The kids used it for the first time the other day and thought it was the coolest!


You see that little hot cocoa dish?? It was an old Bath and Body candle wrapped in some ribbon.  I love reusing things…especially when it makes it free:)


another little secret is that these dishes are from the dollar tree!  Like seriously, they were $1 a piece!


You might have also spied some new chairs in here.


I know these are all over blogland, but I just love them, and have been drooling over them for some time now..


They are the Ikea chairs and they are $79 a piece and $20 for the pad.


But I love that we can flip it around and have more comfortable seating when people come over, since we usually tend to congregate in front of the fireplace area anyway!

I found this box at a barn sale, and it matched my table perfectly.


The runner is from Target and the tree is an Ikea purchase…


the little chalkboard signs are a DIY and the pom pom garland was on clearance at Menards this year!


oh, and that fun chalkboard…Ryan’s cousin made it.  I’m kinda in love with it.  Especially since I no longer have my whole chalk wall in here.


the chairs are a bit hodge podge right now, not quite sure what I’m gonna do with that.  But I just spent my budget on two new ones, so I’ll have to wait awhile if I want to change them up!

The mantle this year was pretty basic.


I had the mirror, I just added the rope to mix it up, and added a few accessories.


I may have a bit of a tree fetish.


I’m not even going to count how many I have in my house right now..


It might be embarrassing:)


My sister made this adorable little color blocked pine cone garland, so I had to scoop that up at whimsy.



I pulled out the Christmas pillows again…


and pulled out the bright polka dots


Mom….take a picture of me!!!


and I’ve had a few people ask me what kind of tree we get and my answer is, a Charlie Brown tree.  I honestly have no idea.  But I love them.  We used to cut ones down from the hunting land up north that looked a lot like it, but they would always loose almost all of their needles before Christmas was even here, so I scratched that idea!  My friend found a place by her that had cut your own that had the same look but didn’t loose it’s needles!  Score!


I’ll share more of the tree friday, as well as the kitchen and living room!  Hope you are enjoying your twinkle lights and cheesy Christmas movies!  I know I am! And now I’m just off to address some Christmas cards that finally came in the mail today!  Yay!! It’s been 4 years since I’ve done cards so I am waaaaaayyyy over due!!


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17 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS TOUR 2014…PART 1”

  1. hi !!i recenthly found your blog and you are amazing!!!i am from greece and ilove your house and your personal style.your tree is beautiful mine is not from nature (fake).sorry for bad english..because its illegal and if we buy them are very expensive.are they legal there?so i send you and your familybest christmas wishes health peace love hope faith!!!!Merry Christmas

  2. Love it!.. Your home is beautiful. I always love a “charlie Brown” Christmas tree but it is soo difficult to find! I love when i can hang the ornaments waaaayyy into the tree instead of laying them on the tight branches. I live on Eastern Long Island and there are tree farms everywhere but still hard to find one like that…great! Merry Christmas!

    1. I like that the ornaments can go all the way through as well! I’m on a mission to find out the name…I’ll let you know when I do:) Thanks for following along!:)

  3. Ok- you MUST find out the name of the tree!!! I can’t find them anywhere in PA. When we lived in MN, I always purchased them from a small nursery in Ham Lake by the name “Charlie Brown Tree”. Now that I live here, when I ask people “Do you have any Charlie Brown Trees?”, they think I’m crazy. I’ve heard them called “spruce tops” which to me sounds like the very top of a fairly tall tree and doesn’t sound like something you can find just anywhere… Help!!! I want a Charlie Brown Tree!!!!!

    1. haha, okay..I’m on it…I’m going to find out the name of the tree:) I’ll let you know when I do!! I’m so glad other people love them as much as I do!!

  4. OK, I need serious decorating help. (I really do, but that wasn’t actually meant to be a call for help, more of making fun of myself!) And, to just applaud this gift you were given, Allie! Your rooms look BEAUTIFUL! Great ideas!

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