I gave you a sneak peek before with this picture….

farmhouse christmas

and promised I would show the rest soon.  Well, I’m finally getting around to it and hope if you haven’t decorated for Christmas yet you can find some inspiration.  But shame on you!:)

The bad news about my Christmas decor is that I change my mind every year as to the feel I want.  The good news is, is that I think I found her Christmas identity once and for all.  I was inspired by so many cottage Christmas pictures like this….


I love the crisp red and white with some natural greens.

and this..


I’ll take the clock too, thanks!  I seriously looked everywhere for cute little green trees like that.  Okay, maybe just walmart and one nursery, but still.  Everywhere.


and this.  One of my faves.  A little red and white with a little galvanized with a little greens.

So, I was switching up Christmas…..Again.  The good thing about being an owner of an occasional shop is that you can sell off all of your old Christmas and buy all new for pretty much a swap.  When your thrifty;)  So I at least kept the hubby happy.

Here’s a better look at the living space.

farmhouse Christmas

I have fun bringing in some normally “too fun” of elements for this girl.  Like the polka dots, stripes and chevron.

Red and white christmas tree


The tree came all the way from International Falls where the in laws have a cabin.  She looked pretty cute in the woods.  Not sure if it was the snow cover or the 5 hour drive back that pretty much stripped her of her bottom needles.  Whoops.  At least she was free:)

p.s.  I do love the Charlie Brown looking trees…I know it might not fit your fancy but the quirky tugs at my heart strings.

red and white wrapping

I had fun with the wrapping this year too.  My favorite place ever to find unique wrapping paper is Home Goods or TJMaxx.  That’s where the elk silhouette (seriously?!? in love!), polka dots, and quatra foil came from.  And believe it or not my second favorite place is the dollar store!  I found the plain white there along with the big red and white polka dots.

Red and white wrapping paper

The silver chip board letters were in the dollar section at Target, and if you dont have too many people in your family with the same first initial, they work pretty well:)

My other best advice/secret is that I buy all of my ribbon on black Friday at Michaels when it’s 70% off.  They still have a great selection and you can get a huge roll for $2.50!

The kitchen was fun to add little pops of red and green as well…

christmas kitchen

christmas decor

Those cute little trees in the galvanized tin were from Ballard Designs last year.  Sadly I didn’t see them in the catalog this year.

Christmas decor

A little fake snow and chalkboard for good measure.  I actually hid a small battery operated string of lights in the snow so it glows at night:)


Cottage Christmas

My sister-in-law makes those adorable towels.  The chevron one was calling my name:)

cottage christmas

I also couldn’t leave those red and white straws behind at Target either.  And you’d be proud of me, I actually let the kids use them.

I saw this tree on Pinterest awhile back and thought it might be something fun and different to try on my chalkboard wall…



and after starting it I don’t know why in my right mind I thought it was a good idea.  It took me 2 hours to finish!

christmas chalk art

Tate and Kynlee even got in on it, Tates “fish” ornament is on the left by the snowman and Kynlees “ball” ornament is on the roof of the house.  What can I say, it was a family affair.  The jury’s still out if I even truly like it.  But hey, every home needs a little Scandinavian folk art right?!?

Since the stairs is the focal point of the house, I have to do garlands…and while I’d love real fresh ones…a.) I’m not going to spend the money on them, and b.) I”m not going to be walking around spritzing them during the day.  Whose got time for that.

christmas garland

(I just noticed Kynlees hello kitty cup made the picture.  She’d be proud.)

These were my last year purchase and are also from Ballard Designs, and sadly they too have been retired.  They’ve got a bunch of fun unique things in them but I kinda of light and airy which works in the house.  I just put lights in them, a few command hooks on the spindles and away we go.

Lastly I thought I’d give you a better view of the mantle.  Prancer is my pride and joy in the middle there.  I was so happy cause I thought the hubbs would love it and instead he saw it and said that’s the ugliest thing I ever saw.  If you wanted a deer head I have a deer head for you.  Yeah, he didn’t get it. Luckily….I am not easily swayed by my hubbys design comments.  Phew.  P.s.  Prancer is from World Market.  They don’t call him that, I do:)  We just watched that movie tonight as a family, if you haven’t seen it I strongly suggest you watch it.  A good old cheesy 80’s Christmas movie:)

I also used the same window I had for my fall decor, just turned it around, painted it red and frosted the windows.

Christmas Mantle

The feather trees came from West Elm when it was 20% off and free shipping as did the stockings.

Christmas Mantle

oh, and this is hanging over the tv.

Christmas Decor

It’s a little overwhelming starting completely over with a new Christmas look so I had to fill in as best as I could.  Some I love, some just works.  This one kinda just works….but that’s okay:)

I still have a few rooms to show you, rooms that have had quite a few changes as I’ll do that soon.  For now I’m going to go snuggle my babes:)


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7 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS TOUR”

  1. Your Christmas decorations are amazing! Would you mind sharing where you found those feedbags that you have framed behind your tree? They are beautiful!

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