I love Christmas, always have.  I love the true meaning behind it, I love traditions, and I love the decorating.  It’s the one time of year that you can switch your whole house out and make it magical.  I loved when my momma did it as a kid, and I love doing it for my kids now.  So when I found out that our church did a Christmas tour of homes I was all over it.  The problem is, the first year I volunteered to do it, we had just moved in in the summer and renovations took a tiche longer than I thought it would.  So I had to cancel.  Last year I said I’d do it as well, but then it ended up being just too much with Jules.  Surprise.  So this was the year for me to finally follow through.

What you need to know before I go any further is that this tour is for a great cause.  Our church puts on a “stop and shop” at church where you can buy baked goods and presents, and you can also buy a ticket there to tour 6 different homes that are all decorated for Christmas.  The cost of the tour is $10 but all the proceeds go to support missions, so how cool if we could have a great show up and bring in a bunch of money for missions:)

Oh, and my sister (another Whimsy girl) is having her home on the tour as well!!  So, I’m going to give you a little sneak peek of the Christmas decor but won’t show the full reveal until after the tour, which is THIS SATURDAY!

WARNING:  This is going to be the most color you have ever seen in my house!:)  And I love it…..for the season.

Cottage Christmas

I had so much fun bringing in color.


And after just finishing Whimsy, I started crafting for my house all over again.

Cottage Christmas

And although our tree lost a few needles on the ride home from the cabin up North, she still sparkles:)

So, if you want to see the rest of the house, buy yourself a ticket, support a good cause, get a group of ladies and head out Saturday morning to Cornerstone church to purchase your ticket.   There is an unlimited amount of tickets for this event and it goes from 9:00-3:00.

Cornerstone is located at

205 CSAH 34
Litchfield, MN 55355

We live 7 miles from Cornerstone, and I believe all of the houses are within a 10 mile radius of the church.

Christmas Pillows

I’m going to be going on the tour as well.

Oh. and if that didn’t get you, I also COMPLETELY redid a whole room in my house that I won’t show until after the new year.  So there.  You could see it first:)

See you Saturday:)


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8 thoughts on “COME TOUR MY HOME!”

    1. Thanks so much May:) I actually made it. It’s tea towel from Ikea that I stenciled JOY on in red. Super cheap and easy DIY. You can find my tutorial of stenciling pillows here.

  1. Wish I could see it in person but your just to far away, love all the red, I added red too…more than I ever do. Love the Joy pillow too.

  2. Glad your deer found his other antler! :)
    Looks beautiful allie! Just like you! Bring on the holiday color & cheesy christmas movies!

    1. Cheesy Christmas movies for sure!! If you wanna join us on the tour we are going at 11 brielle!! And doing a girls night after:):) Hot tubbing and all!

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